The Emporium's reserve of extra mushrooms is nearing capacity and must be make room for more mushrooms, obviously! I have plenty to choose from, and ample quantities of pretty much everything. Must be purchased in whole stack (x99) units. Contact SausageJavelins or Mangs in-game. Thank you!

14x Field 8.5k/per stack
4x Mycena 6.5k/per stack
12x Blood 6.5k " "
28x Black Foot Morel 7.5k " "
5x Porcini 5.5k
11x Parasol 6k
10x Milk Cap 5.5k
4x Coral 5.5k
3x Iocaine 6.5k
1x Blastcap 4k
1x Goblin Puffball 4k
1x False Agaric 4k

Please note that only these listed mushrooms are priced as such, regular Emporium prices apply to anything requested after the below list is exhausted (although you may purchase any quantity at that point, as is normal policy)!