I feel like for higher level players daily quests from the casino play to little of a role a measly 10k and a couple casino tokens doesn't seem to be worth it also why are harder dungeons like darkchappel giving the same rewards as a level 40 dungeon that's not as big like wolf cave, also some of the dungeons like labs and gazkeep don't have a daily I feel like for getting people to group up for higher level dungeons a daily would make a better incentive also why are all the decoctions of knowledge so limited why not add holistic wellness and civic pride xp decoctions and if your worried about people grinding/buying up tokens and just to buy these xp potions for those skills then them speed running those skills therefore have less to max grinding wise why not limit the number they can buy a month to 3 per month per account ,not only is this good for the economy it stimulates the ingame economy and ecourages people to group up more often at higher levels and if your still worried about people buying alot of accounts and buying several xp potion decoctions it will just mean more money/income for you to put towards development also could add a fee extra goodies like gold ore and other stuff like magic sand