I am sure many of you have seen myself or other members running around in Project: Gorgon with The Dragon Moon Clan guild tag. I would like to announce that the guild is officially accepting (befitting) new members to our humble ranks!

We are a former Asheron's Call guild originally hailing from from Frostfell, and later Winter's Ebb servers. The Dragon Moon Clan is a small assortment of players from all over the world; we are mostly in the US but also Australia, parts of Asia, and Europe. We value strong bonds between guild members, and work to build those relationships from within through our mutual experience of the game.

Potential members are expected to show they are respectful players BEFORE they are invited into the guild, and must either have a current member vouch for their entry or spend a short hunting/helping session with a recruiter or other officer. Receiving help with a curse from a member, hunting with a member, or quest experiences with a member will help us get to know new candidates better and speed the recruitment process.

New Recruit Conduct

  • Dragons are respectful of themselves, others, and the guild
  • Dragons represent the guild appropriately
  • Dragons are benevolent and helpful, when permitting

Successful candidates for membership need not be perfect, but instead should aspire to enact these ideals to the best of their ability (i.e. just be a nice person!)

Guild Perks

  • Nearly-nightly runs into high level dungeons or hunting areas (Gazluk Keep, Labyrinths, Winter Nexus, etc.)
  • Frequent guild quests completed, including the larger 150-person quests
  • Assistance with armor/equipment and crafting materials provided for loyal Dragons
  • Ventrilo server (Discord as well)
  • Having "The Dragon Moon Clan" for Guild field when examined by others

We take care of our own, and ensure that each member is not needlessly-lacking something they need to progress in the game. Dragons are rewarded in proportion to their proven loyalty

In-Game Contacts

  • SausageJavelins (guild leader)
  • Mangs (SJ's alt)
  • Havick (SJ's alt)
  • archlizard

Feel free to contact us in-game on one of the above avatars. Please try them in the order they are listed. Also, please mention this forum post when contacting one of us in regards to recruiting

I will check the forum as often as I can, but the best way to reach one of us is in-game so please send messages through there.
Thank you, and happy hunting!