Clip’s Note: “Frequently, stories about the Gods of Alharth are highly conjectural and apocryphal. However, in this case the story comes from an unusually well-placed source, and might be given more credence.”

Arisetsu and the Puzzle Box of Ormorek, Part 1

Deep in a cave, lit just enough to emphasize the lack of lighting, Ormorek, God of Bitterness, formerly God of Dwarves, grudgingly worked at his task of creating undead monstrosities. “Why do these dwarves keep coming?” he muttered to himself. “At this rate, it’ll take days to replace the mummies they destroy.”

As he finished wrapping a corpse in dried and brittle bandages, he reached again for the power gleaned from Zek’s chalice and intoned “Arise, slave, and serve me.” Immediately, the newly created mummy gasped and sat up.

“Auugaahhh,” coughed the mummy and looked directly at his God and master. “Sure. Fine. Whatever.”

“Yes, my slave, remember your mortal life and despair! Remember your mortal name and your lost existence. What was your name, slave?”

The mummy stared blearily at Ormorek before croaking, “Phil.”

“Well... Phil. Some dwarves are coming. Go kill them before they try to lecture me about making undead. Things are bad and getting worse.”

Worse, from Ormorek’s perspective, was that dwarves killed by his mummies had developed an obnoxious tendency to come back from the dead, healthy and whole, and charge back into the fight, requiring even more mummified effort to kill again. He continued to grumble, “since when do mortals decide to not stay dead? Whose bright idea was that?”

At that moment, warmth and light suddenly flooded the dingy cave. Ormorek turned, squinting resentfully at the glowing form that had appeared.

“Oh. Of course. Who else? That’s just great.” Ormorek moaned.

Arisetsu, Goddess of Hope, Light, Warmth, and Setting Undead on Fire, had arrived.

Phil, the newly made mummy, fidgeted nervously with his dry wrappings.