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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    Power Leveling Gourmound Using Crafted Food Guide Warning Spoilers

    Baked Potato-0
    Boiled Crab-0
    Wolfsbane Muffin-0
    Fried Clownfish-0
    Honey Ham-0
    Potato Wedges-0
    Watery Mushroom Soup-0
    Hard-Boiled Egg-0
    Perfectly Baked Potato-0
    Candied Apple-0
    Raw Egg Blend-0
    Clownfish Nigiri-0
    Crab Sushi Roll-0
    Fried Mycena Bites-0
    Apple Shaved Ice-0
    Beginner's Buttermilk-0
    Bland Baked Chicken-0
    Bland Gingerbread Human-0
    Hash Browns-0
    Onion Blossom-0
    Onion Rings-0
    Strawberry Bowl-0
    Venison Psi-Mantis Style-0
    Pork Chops with Watercress-0
    Clownfish Chowder-0
    Soft-Boiled Egg-0
    Fish and Mushroom Scramble-0
    Mystery Jerky-0
    Chicken and Watercress Soup-0
    Apple Juice-0
    Boiled Cabbage-0
    Boring Fruit Cocktail-0
    Buttered Baked Potato-0
    Cream of Mushroom Soup-0
    Fried Lamb Chops-0
    Fried Potato Sticks-0
    Grapefish Steak-0
    Sun Vale Tea-0
    Venison Jerky-0
    Watercress Salad-0
    Fried Boletus Bites-0
    Pork Chops with Grape Jelly-0
    Bacon Basket-0
    Candied Grapes-0
    Grape Juice-0
    Scrambled Egg-0
    Succulent Pork Chops-0
    Cabbage Soup-0
    Cheesy Baked Potato-0
    Chicken Drumstick-0
    Fried Crab-0
    Fried Lungfish-0
    Laura's Crab Biscuits-0
    Onion Omelet-0
    Poached Egg-0
    Slightly Sub-Par Fruit Cocktail-0
    Venison Roast-0
    Mycena Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Field Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Boletus Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Parasol Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Cottage Cheese-0
    Cream Cheese-0
    Prim Cheese-0
    Laressa's Cheese-0
    Urda Cheese-0
    Neufchatel Cheese-0
    Mild Cheddar Cheese-0
    Cat Stew Cup-1
    Grapefish and Eggs-1
    Strawberry Shaved Ice-1
    Crab Nigiri-1
    Ricotta Cheese-1
    Lungfish Kabob-2
    Serbule-Style Lamb Chops-2
    Munster Cheese-2
    Cheshire Cheese-3
    Durstin's Mutton Stew-4
    Gloucester Cheese-4
    Blusher Mushroom Smoothie-5
    Grapefish Sushi Roll-5
    Chicken Psi-Mantis Style-5
    Baked Beets-5
    Basic Beetle Skewer-5
    Bland Mutton Vindaloo-5
    Breaded Perch with Onions-5
    Fruit Cocktail-5
    Lungfish Roll-5
    Orange Juice-5
    Peasant's Pie-5
    Brunost Cheese-5
    Mokapok Stew-6
    Fairwing Cheese-6
    Cantal Cheese-7
    Slave's Cheese-8
    Grape Shaved Ice-9
    Grapefish Nigiri-9
    Durstin's Minty Lamb Chops-9
    Ranalon Salad-9
    Sharp Cheddar Cheese-9
    Milk Cap Mushroom Smoothie-10
    Bitter-Mint Tea-10
    Black Soup-10
    Glazed Beets-10
    Grilled Chicken-10
    Orange Cat-10
    Orange Perch-10
    Venison Hash-10
    Weird Fruit Cocktail-10
    Brocciu Cheese-11
    Mutton and Eggs-13Brie Cheese-13
    Loaded Baked Potato-15
    Casino Kabobs-15
    Chicken and Broccoli-15
    Baked Pig Snout-15
    Eel Stir-Fry-15
    Eyeball Soup-15
    Fried Banana-15
    Fruity Mushy-15
    Laura's Cheesy Beets-15
    Pumpkin Smoothie-15
    Squash Soup-15
    Stuffed Squash-15
    Strawberry Ice Cream-15
    Perch Sushi Roll-15
    Blood Mushroom Smoothie-15
    Raclette Cheese-15
    Perch Nigiri-17
    Orange Shaved Ice-17
    Candied Heart-17
    Crab Roll-17
    Havarti Cheese-17
    Monterey Jack Cheese- 18
    Barbecued Mystery Meat-19
    Simple Pumpkin Muffin-19
    Camembert Cheese-19
    Mint Ice Cream-20
    Barley Bread-20
    Chicken-Rabbit Rice-20
    Cottage Pie-20
    Fried Spider Leg-20
    Great Bacon-20
    Guava Beet Muffin-20
    Guava Bowl-20
    Mantis-Stuffed Mushroom-20
    Mushroom Barley Soup-20
    Pumpkin Soup-20
    Super Fishy Surprise-20
    Laura Neth's Famous Tart-20
    Barbecue Rabbit Chops-21
    Casino Breakfast-21
    Parmesan Cheese-21
    Diet Lunch-22
    Mozzarella Cheese-23
    Cup o' Paralysis-24
    Guava Shaved Ice-25
    Recuperative Soup-25
    BBQ Ribs-25
    Basic Ham Omelet-25
    Broccoli Florets-25
    Deluxe Casino Kabobs-25
    Lemon-Glazed Chicken-25
    Maple-Smoked Shark-25
    Nishika's Travel Snack-25
    Sweet and Numb Chicken-25
    Tasty Gingerbread Human-25
    Vegan Nut Barley Bread-25
    Winter Salad-25
    Yeti Stick-25
    Creamy Squash Casserole-25
    Eel Nigiri-25
    Eel Sushi Roll-25
    Coral Mushroom Smoothie-25
    Emmentaler Cheese-25
    Mandibles' Perfect Lunch-26
    Broccoli Squash Bake-27
    Kraken Calamari-27
    Maggot Soup-27
    Pepper Jack Cheese-27
    All-Flavor Chicken-28
    Barbecue Chicken-29
    Limburger Cheese-29
    Banana Bread-30
    Banana-Almond Pancakes-30
    Beef and Broccoli-30
    Beets 'n Meats-30
    Cheesy Veggie Delight-30
    Laura's Cheese Biscuits-30
    Shepherd's Pie-30
    Tagenite Stack-30
    Casino Stir-Fry-31
    Haerel Cheese-31
    Banana Shaved Ice-33
    Cavefish Nigiri-33
    Danablu Cheese-33
    Cavefish Sushi Roll-35
    Bone Soup-35
    Candied Lemon-35
    Chicken Casserole-35
    Deluxe Beetle Skewer-35
    Hiral's Citrus Blend-35
    Maple Carrots-35
    Orcish Onion Soup-35
    Shark and Crab Kebabs-35
    Appenzeller Cheese-35
    Basic Pumpkin Pie-36
    Desert Tea-36
    Mountain Mutton-36
    Snakemeat Wraps-36
    Spicy Lemon Cat-36
    Gul Cheese-36
    Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls-37
    Orcish Snack Plate-37
    Shark Chew-37
    Goblin Pasties-37
    Edam Cheese-37
    Stuffed Bell Pepper-38
    Green Vexfish Nigiri-38
    Aromatic Chicken-39
    Roquefort Cheese-39
    Bacon-Lover's Omelet-40
    Orcish Eel-40
    Pumpkin Spice Tea-40
    Beachside Blend-40
    Shroom Feast-40
    Spicy Porcini Bites-40
    Swamp Salad-40
    Shark Nigiri-41
    Spicy Cavefish-41
    Vegetable Masterpiece-41
    Lemon Shaved Ice-41
    Ricotta Forte-41
    Basic Pepperpot-42
    Disappointing Corn Surprise-42
    Hydration Punch-42
    Spicy Chicken-43
    Sirine Cheese-43
    Pepper Venison-44
    Cavefish Sticks-45
    Shark Sushi Roll-45
    Chuma's Agave Secret-45
    Fancy Pumpkin Pie-45
    Grasgot Cheese-45
    Provolone Cheese-47
    Tart Applesauce-48
    Honey-Pumpkin Muffin-49
    Green Vexfish Sushi Roll-50

    Going on a semi perma vacation from the game for a bit wanted to leave a positive mark on the game incase I did't come back

    Sincerely your friendly neighborhood radioactive tide pod @Deathkon1 signing out

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