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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    Power Leveling Gourmound Using Crafted Food Guide Warning Spoilers

    Baked Potato-0
    Boiled Crab-0
    Wolfsbane Muffin-0
    Fried Clownfish-0
    Honey Ham-0
    Potato Wedges-0
    Watery Mushroom Soup-0
    Hard-Boiled Egg-0
    Perfectly Baked Potato-0
    Candied Apple-0
    Raw Egg Blend-0
    Clownfish Nigiri-0
    Crab Sushi Roll-0
    Fried Mycena Bites-0
    Apple Shaved Ice-0
    Beginner's Buttermilk-0
    Bland Baked Chicken-0
    Bland Gingerbread Human-0
    Hash Browns-0
    Onion Blossom-0
    Onion Rings-0
    Strawberry Bowl-0
    Venison Psi-Mantis Style-0
    Pork Chops with Watercress-0
    Clownfish Chowder-0
    Soft-Boiled Egg-0
    Fish and Mushroom Scramble-0
    Mystery Jerky-0
    Chicken and Watercress Soup-0
    Apple Juice-0
    Boiled Cabbage-0
    Boring Fruit Cocktail-0
    Buttered Baked Potato-0
    Cream of Mushroom Soup-0
    Fried Lamb Chops-0
    Fried Potato Sticks-0
    Grapefish Steak-0
    Sun Vale Tea-0
    Venison Jerky-0
    Watercress Salad-0
    Fried Boletus Bites-0
    Pork Chops with Grape Jelly-0
    Bacon Basket-0
    Candied Grapes-0
    Grape Juice-0
    Scrambled Egg-0
    Succulent Pork Chops-0
    Cabbage Soup-0
    Cheesy Baked Potato-0
    Chicken Drumstick-0
    Fried Crab-0
    Fried Lungfish-0
    Laura's Crab Biscuits-0
    Onion Omelet-0
    Poached Egg-0
    Slightly Sub-Par Fruit Cocktail-0
    Venison Roast-0
    Mycena Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Field Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Boletus Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Parasol Mushroom Smoothie-0
    Cottage Cheese-0
    Cream Cheese-0
    Prim Cheese-0
    Laressa's Cheese-0
    Urda Cheese-0
    Neufchatel Cheese-0
    Mild Cheddar Cheese-0
    Cat Stew Cup-1
    Grapefish and Eggs-1
    Strawberry Shaved Ice-1
    Crab Nigiri-1
    Ricotta Cheese-1
    Lungfish Kabob-2
    Serbule-Style Lamb Chops-2
    Munster Cheese-2
    Cheshire Cheese-3
    Durstin's Mutton Stew-4
    Gloucester Cheese-4
    Blusher Mushroom Smoothie-5
    Grapefish Sushi Roll-5
    Chicken Psi-Mantis Style-5
    Baked Beets-5
    Basic Beetle Skewer-5
    Bland Mutton Vindaloo-5
    Breaded Perch with Onions-5
    Fruit Cocktail-5
    Lungfish Roll-5
    Orange Juice-5
    Peasant's Pie-5
    Brunost Cheese-5
    Mokapok Stew-6
    Fairwing Cheese-6
    Cantal Cheese-7
    Slave's Cheese-8
    Grape Shaved Ice-9
    Grapefish Nigiri-9
    Durstin's Minty Lamb Chops-9
    Ranalon Salad-9
    Sharp Cheddar Cheese-9
    Milk Cap Mushroom Smoothie-10
    Bitter-Mint Tea-10
    Black Soup-10
    Glazed Beets-10
    Grilled Chicken-10
    Orange Cat-10
    Orange Perch-10
    Venison Hash-10
    Weird Fruit Cocktail-10
    Brocciu Cheese-11
    Mutton and Eggs-13Brie Cheese-13
    Loaded Baked Potato-15
    Casino Kabobs-15
    Chicken and Broccoli-15
    Baked Pig Snout-15
    Eel Stir-Fry-15
    Eyeball Soup-15
    Fried Banana-15
    Fruity Mushy-15
    Laura's Cheesy Beets-15
    Pumpkin Smoothie-15
    Squash Soup-15
    Stuffed Squash-15
    Strawberry Ice Cream-15
    Perch Sushi Roll-15
    Blood Mushroom Smoothie-15
    Raclette Cheese-15
    Perch Nigiri-17
    Orange Shaved Ice-17
    Candied Heart-17
    Crab Roll-17
    Havarti Cheese-17
    Monterey Jack Cheese- 18
    Barbecued Mystery Meat-19
    Simple Pumpkin Muffin-19
    Camembert Cheese-19
    Mint Ice Cream-20
    Barley Bread-20
    Chicken-Rabbit Rice-20
    Cottage Pie-20
    Fried Spider Leg-20
    Great Bacon-20
    Guava Beet Muffin-20
    Guava Bowl-20
    Mantis-Stuffed Mushroom-20
    Mushroom Barley Soup-20
    Pumpkin Soup-20
    Super Fishy Surprise-20
    Laura Neth's Famous Tart-20
    Barbecue Rabbit Chops-21
    Casino Breakfast-21
    Parmesan Cheese-21
    Diet Lunch-22
    Mozzarella Cheese-23
    Cup o' Paralysis-24
    Guava Shaved Ice-25
    Recuperative Soup-25
    BBQ Ribs-25
    Basic Ham Omelet-25
    Broccoli Florets-25
    Deluxe Casino Kabobs-25
    Lemon-Glazed Chicken-25
    Maple-Smoked Shark-25
    Nishika's Travel Snack-25
    Sweet and Numb Chicken-25
    Tasty Gingerbread Human-25
    Vegan Nut Barley Bread-25
    Winter Salad-25
    Yeti Stick-25
    Creamy Squash Casserole-25
    Eel Nigiri-25
    Eel Sushi Roll-25
    Coral Mushroom Smoothie-25
    Emmentaler Cheese-25
    Mandibles' Perfect Lunch-26
    Broccoli Squash Bake-27
    Kraken Calamari-27
    Maggot Soup-27
    Pepper Jack Cheese-27
    All-Flavor Chicken-28
    Barbecue Chicken-29
    Limburger Cheese-29
    Banana Bread-30
    Banana-Almond Pancakes-30
    Beef and Broccoli-30
    Beets 'n Meats-30
    Cheesy Veggie Delight-30
    Laura's Cheese Biscuits-30
    Shepherd's Pie-30
    Tagenite Stack-30
    Casino Stir-Fry-31
    Haerel Cheese-31
    Banana Shaved Ice-33
    Cavefish Nigiri-33
    Danablu Cheese-33
    Cavefish Sushi Roll-35
    Bone Soup-35
    Candied Lemon-35
    Chicken Casserole-35
    Deluxe Beetle Skewer-35
    Hiral's Citrus Blend-35
    Maple Carrots-35
    Orcish Onion Soup-35
    Shark and Crab Kebabs-35
    Appenzeller Cheese-35
    Basic Pumpkin Pie-36
    Desert Tea-36
    Mountain Mutton-36
    Snakemeat Wraps-36
    Spicy Lemon Cat-36
    Gul Cheese-36
    Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls-37
    Orcish Snack Plate-37
    Shark Chew-37
    Goblin Pasties-37
    Edam Cheese-37
    Stuffed Bell Pepper-38
    Green Vexfish Nigiri-38
    Aromatic Chicken-39
    Roquefort Cheese-39
    Bacon-Lover's Omelet-40
    Orcish Eel-40
    Pumpkin Spice Tea-40
    Beachside Blend-40
    Shroom Feast-40
    Spicy Porcini Bites-40
    Swamp Salad-40
    Shark Nigiri-41
    Spicy Cavefish-41
    Vegetable Masterpiece-41
    Lemon Shaved Ice-41
    Ricotta Forte-41
    Basic Pepperpot-42
    Disappointing Corn Surprise-42
    Hydration Punch-42
    Spicy Chicken-43
    Sirine Cheese-43
    Pepper Venison-44
    Cavefish Sticks-45
    Shark Sushi Roll-45
    Chuma's Agave Secret-45
    Fancy Pumpkin Pie-45
    Grasgot Cheese-45
    Provolone Cheese-47
    Tart Applesauce-48
    Honey-Pumpkin Muffin-49
    Green Vexfish Sushi Roll-50

    Going on a semi perma vacation from the game for a bit wanted to leave a positive mark on the game incase I did't come back

    Sincerely your friendly neighborhood radioactive tide pod @Deathkon1 signing out

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    What I wish this forum had

    Power leveling gourmet guide with crafted food

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    Achievements First Post!
    I am sure you will be back, rest up and miss us. Thank you for the guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loggy View Post
    I am sure you will be back, rest up and miss us. Thank you for the guide
    No big as long as it helps the playerbases growth this was worth the investment of time wasted even if it didn't profit me directly
    What I wish this forum had

    Power leveling gourmet guide with crafted food

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    Special thanks to BetaNotice for the list of foods for cooking I got all the other odds and ends with mycology, ice conjuring and cheese making then numberd them and then reorganized them in chronological order also tried tagging BetaNotice in the thread -_- it told me no and put yaffy up there lol sorry yaffy XD

    Minor edit: Maybe in a year considering how dam long this took I might take all the mats required for each item and add them together to give you a estimate of how much veggies shrooms milk and ect you will need to do a power level through but to be honest thats a .5% chance unless I was paid a few millions ingame which I probably still would't cuz of my laziness, I already wasted/invested enough time in this guide to make me sick of making guides
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    What I wish this forum had

    Power leveling gourmet guide with crafted food

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