Hey there fellow Project:Gorgon players!

A short time ago a small group of spider players were lost, looking for a place that not only welcomed their choice of playstyle and form, but celebrated it! These individuals would become fast friends in other ways before eventually deciding to take the plunge and create a space for not only other spiders... but those with sympathize with them. This place they created would be labeled as Akhisa's Web, and now they hope to carve out a tiny place in this world as their own!

Akhisa's Web is a small guild right now but we have bigger dreams... like at least being a medium sized guild! We're a guild dedicated to not only improving spider and non-spider relations but also to enjoying the game to its fullest! Doing guild quests, running daily groups, helping each other out with leveling both combat and crafting skills... these are just a small amount of things we do! If that and also some lovely casual chatting with some very interesting people interest you we'd love to have you! We accept both spiders and non-spiders in our ranks!

We hope to see you in game! / X \ ( : : , , : : )/ X \