The camera already has some weight and physics when turning it with left mouse. This same physics should be added when turning your character with the keyboard or right mouse. That is the camera should lag slightly behind the turning then settle into place when the turning stops. The lack of camera physics while controlling the character really sticks out as jarring for a new player. It gives an unpolished feel that this awesome game doesn't deserve! Given that it is something you interact with constantly in the game I think it would be a huge quality of life improvement.

The other issue is camera terrain following. The starter island is very steep. As a new player as soon as you run up the hill you are left staring at the ground. It would be great if the camera followed terrain a bit so you didn't have to constantly adjust when moving up or down slopes. This is another issue that really sticks out to new players making the game feel unpolished.

If you want a reference implementation for nice camera control with character movement just copy the system from Asheron's Call, it felt great.