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How's ice magic materials compared to fire magic? From looking at the wiki, it seems that for newer players, the materials are harder to get, but would it be correct to say that at a higher level, it's easier to get ice magic materials than fire magic? I'm very new to the game, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Basically, do the same complaints apply to ice magic in any way?
There's two things to consider with ice magic.

1. Almost nobody plays it as their go to build (incredible low demand = exact opposite of fire). If I were a struggling ice mage I could have bought about 20+ from random vendors at face value in the last month or so. I have meanwhile never seen an explosive runestone on a vendor. I could have snatched them up to resell but I didn't as I like to leave treasures like that for someone who needs it (all bets are off if I want it/need it).

2. You can easily get 5 orc spell pouches running through GK in one run (in the same run one person might get one explosive runestone or maybe the group gets two). You can grind them near a fire in Kur (slowly) if you can't afford them or if no one is selling them even without winter gear. It might take a while but it isn't like the gap that is present with fire : If you are not lvl 70 in two other classes you will basically not grind explosive runestones.

Assuming you can run around Gazluk with some cold weather gear (this could be a lvl 50 shield+something else run set) you can gather all the lichen you want assuming it isn't blocked by spruce (you often have to kill 5-7 mobs to harvest spruce).

If you can't do that then you can buy lichen at 400 each from vendors (which won't break the bank when you look at the total needed) or probably around 200-250 from players.

You can buy all the ice cores you will ever need from Jack and a few other vendors at 100 each. Say you have no money - you can harvest them slowly in the crypt (and other places too).

Short version - there is an initial gap with ice getting your first few sets of spell pouches (very similar to fire with some of the first saltpeter). But fire is basically stuck when it comes to you being lvl 55 and needing ~45 runestones (progression is a vertical ice cliff, you are not a druid and you have no climbing gear. The result is change classes).

I'm not saying it should be done... but a hilarious work around would be to cap the price of red books/runestones on player vendors so that one runestone works out to 4k maximum (each book would cap at 1333) councils.

In part reason I made this post is along the lines of some comments I made last year about there being a progression wall with leveling in general. At that time there was no easy money casino so you got to 50 and then as a new player you were stuck. You had so many expenses from skills that you had little money to branch into industry and other money making things (much less multiple industry character options). This in my opinion has been fixed.

But fire is still stuck in the twilight zone where if you are trying to play through fire as a new character from 0-70 you just really can't.