Good afternoon, Citan, Devs, and Players.

I would like to formally challenge Citan with showing off his combat skills in game. I'm sure nobody has logged more hours into the combat system than you, and I think we would all be humbled and educated by witnessing some peak performance and all around asskickery.

The Rules Are Simple:
  • Create a video, preferably with audio, showcasing your combat knowledge (alternatively an in game event that someone else could record)
  • Choose a build and skill combo that are currently available to players
  • Choose any/all mods on the gear, once again within limitations of what in game players have (Max enchanted, current base stats, etc)
  • Choose any (number of) Boss(es) to showcase your abilities. Three manticores at once? Piece of cake!
  • Show off feats of strength that you think the player base as a whole are struggling with, or flat out doing wrong
  • Showcase some of your favorite combos, or synergies that you've made, and feel are under-appreciated by current players
  • Any buffs, potions, and skills that are currently available to players are fair game.
  • Feel free to throw in any self-imposed limitations to the challenge as well

Let's make this a competition, and the first person in game to duplicate Citan's feats of strength on video, will be awarded a grand prize of 500,000 Councils.