When the game was free to play, I purchased VIP packages for all my main and mule accounts. I did it for the mule accounts because of harassment from a small group of players in a guild that were against people having mule accounts. Iows, they couldn’t say I had a “free” advantage over them because I had paid for my accounts.

When AC and AC2 closed their game servers a large portion of the AC player base moved over to PG. It was not uncommon in those games to have multiple accounts. The game had been around since 1999, so many of us simply made new characters when we capped out a character. When the game closed, I had 98 active accounts. Point being, having more than one account is more common today in PG than it was 2.5 years ago.

After the steam release I purchased another account and have since leveled a main on that account.
Before I invest in another VIP package, I would like some clarification from the devs regarding this comment on this thread:


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And finally to clarify on one point:

Extra accounts will not be "outlawed", you just won't be able to log them all in at the same time. You can own as many accounts as you wish, but you will only be able to have one logged in at a time. Also to be clear, that will not happen until there is some form of item mail in place.

Given the poster of the comment had to be told by Srand to stop harassing people with mule accounts and given their vocal comments ingame against players with more than one main account and mule accounts, I would appreciate some feedback from Eric, Sandra or Ryan.

I have never seen this comment made by a dev in all the years I’ve been following PG’s progress and have been playing PG.

The newer players, esp since the steam release haven’t had the interaction time we used to have with the devs ingame, because the devs are so busy.

Given misinformation, or let’s call them “opinions” voiced ingame about what the devs are or are not planning and what is and is not allowed I think it only fair that we get clarification before purchasing packages.

Thanks in advance,