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I love to see higher tier content in games make you fight smarter (instead of we're higher level so now we have more hp/damage). I love that the only solution I have found to those necros is to hit the sprint button and jump right up there on the platform (hoping I get rooted next to them).
I like fighting smarter, but I think the additional damage and tank ability required is currently a bit high for an average level 60. I don't think I could use your solution to the necros - unless we are thinking of different locations, I'd get multiple adds that would kill me. (I tend to slowly and carefully body pull and then move back when I can so that hopefully I just have 1-2 rats beating me up at a time. It works, but is slow and subject to occasional wipes from wandering mobs.)

1. There is no vendor.
Recall Beginnings and zone into Rahu? I'd love to see a vendor in the goblin area too, but the Sewers strike me as one of the dungeons closest to a vendor.

Boo on the Shaman Infusion changes. I worked so hard to have that skill at 50. Now it is a complete joke to level up and everyone has it. You ruined something that was pretty unique, rare, and powerful.
Yep. I had one character at 50 and a second at 37. I'll admit my sadness at wasting my time leveling that far was pretty well cured though when I realized how easy getting from 50 to 60 was.

Personal gripes aside, I think the skill works better now. It was intended as a newbie-friendly introduction to augmentation. I think with the new xp table, it becomes much easier and more fun for new players to enchant their gear as they level and to learn new recipes in time to be useful to them. I think the new xp table is maybe a bit too easy but for a skill aimed as beginners, I think too easy is better than too hard. I also like the skill better at higher levels now: I'd rather spend my time deciding what recipes I want to learn and then farming a rare component like snake hide for a recipe I actually want to use on my gear than to farm up an infinite supply of cat eyeballs to cast the same throwaway recipe over and over until I level.

There might be room in the game for a rare and difficult prestige skill but I don't think shamanic infusion was ever supposed to fill that slot.

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I've seen that. I wrote it off as a fast respawn related bug when the zone is heavily populated. But it could be the corpse fell into the wall and being untargetable it just auto poof maybe. The mummy boss (Bhruti? ) under Gazluk by the super teleportation pad is known to do that when he dies by a wall.
Very belated thanks for that confirmation. I was having some crazy theories like maybe me being an animal made the mobs disappear. I had one fight where I killed 3 mobs and only one of them poofed, so it seems to me that if it was fast respawns, the other two mobs should have been affected, too. Or I should have seen a corpse for a half second or something...

I'd run into problems with Baruti before but assumed he was bugging out because we kept wiping on him after killing him 0-2 times. Good to know - thank you!

One last thing about the sewers I forgot to mention before: I really appreciate the mycology and skinning/butchering options there. My problem with my two alt characters has always been that I was able to level up their combat skills pretty quickly, but they were pathetically unable to actually collect anything useful in the 60+ zones. Some of the mushrooms in the sewers are still a bit too high for me to pick but if the new level 50 content has some mushrooms, too, I think that would close the gap.