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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    You should keep an eye on the smith near the player stalls in serb as well as the vendor in the central shop in rahu also.

    Lvl 50 to 70 gear is often sold to those 2, so you may find something there assuming your using a fairly popular skillset.

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    A little update to show how much ya'll helped...I was able to acquire a good chest upgrade in Gazluk in one of those caves. Since then its my farming spot but its 99% bones and dirt and 1% gear that has skills that I don't use. BUT...at least I know the possibility of better gear is there...somewhere.

    Also, just a day or 2 ago, I was getting ready to log in front of Joeh and low and behold, some demigod with the same spec as me unloaded a bunch of gear on the shop. I was able to grab 2 nice pieces that have really helped. I'm now filling my inventory up in half the time while farming.

    Great advice!

    I'm sure at some point i'll have more questions as I push for the current endgame.

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