Particle summoning and the storage in the back entrance of GK are simply great. I donít think many people take that storage seriously, so this post is going to be about some nice ways to use particle summoning in GK.

Things to keep on Melandria:
1) Instant heal sushi eventually becomes better than great bacon. Downside is that it stacks to 5. Keep the materials in the back storage and summon it after you use 1 or 2 heals.
2) A number of femurs in the storage can be handy. Find a recipe that requires a femur and summon it when you get to the shower!
3) Materials for a storage crate are a perfect use of Melandria. Why even sacrifice 1 slot to make space for 20 when you can just summon the stuff with a little bit of prep work. Also, no more forgetting crates!
4) Few people really do ice conjuration. The food melts, so you end up carrying the broken down materials around instead. If you are too cheap for cheese, itís a solid option. No stove required, so Melandria is a great place to keep that stuff.
5) Potions! 20% damage potions donít stack very well, so you only grab them when needed. So, hey free up a slot!
6) Spider silk is handy in the back storage because every time someone wants to tame a large-cat they forget the string. No more! I can just summon the mats and craft it!

Realistically, I donít think everyone is going to do all of these. Some are great fail safe mechanisms for things people forget. I donít think I named every best use, but these are the most obvious to me.

Good luck in GK!