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Thread: DoTs vs. Burst
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    A short version for anyone still reading is that if you like to pull lots of things while solo dots are better. If you are trying to pull 3/time then go for the aoe burst.

    If you are fighting a target that takes a while to kill (say an event boss or even a thick lvl 70 boss) dots have time to work and can do more damage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yaffy View Post
    Priest/Battle chemistry has excellent support and healing while still having decent fire DoT damage and being good at farming because fire magic's indirect fire damage mod still works even without fire magic active (I don't know if this is true for this patch).
    If that's true and you can use priest/bc without fire active then you might want to report it. There were a number of people taking advantage of the fact that until about 2 months ago you could stack 94% extra fire damage from dots without having fire active. As far as I know any gear that was built like that received the legacy tag.

    The mod was changed and specifically says now: while fire magic is active.

    I wouldn't call it an exploit per say but more of clever use of game mechanics (that was clearly not intended).
    Quote Originally Posted by xerandus View Post
    In regards to mods for indirect damage, I don't know if it is a bug or not, but based on the tool tip, mods like indirect psychic damage +% only modify DoTs that are built into the ability from the start, not DoTs that come from gear mods.
    I just looked at some BC gear in my bank and you might want to make a ! about the damage calculation. The extra fire burn from BC mods (not inherently part of the ability) is most definitely getting modified.

    Quote Originally Posted by xerandus View Post
    Another common tactic I see with DoTs vs. using a burst is that you hit them with the DoT then fear them. Critter runs off taking damage, all the while not attacking you.
    You can also use root or mez.
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    DoTs are in a kind of mediocre state as you get more and more geared with a party of people. Generally speaking, DoTs rarely have an opportunity to go the full duration of the DoT before the affected mob dies. With the party I run, the general use of DoTs are to dump them on a mob we don't want to deal with, then CC the mob and let the DoTs chip it away while we fight other mobs (a good CC is fearing a mob away from you; from what I understand, CCs like fear can't be broken by DoTs, while regular burst will break CCs).

    However, the dev team is in the process of looking at DoT damage as a viable way of adding decent damage to any builds you conjure up. If I'm not mistaken, DoT effectiveness will be buffed, and certain mobs (especially dungeon mobs) will have their HP pool raised to allow DoTs to actually have enough uptime to affect the fight. Don't quote me on that, though.

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