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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    Dump all of your resources into maxing skills. Play slow. I'm actually enjoying the game more now because of this mindset. For a while, I was frustrated at trying to find certain mods on gear, trying to perfect my gear loadout, etc. Then I just took a break and internalized that the only things that matter are skills, so I adjusted all my resources into raising skill levels instead of gearing and unlocking storage. Getting trans and aug up. Making sure my foraging, surveying, and skinning are maxed to ease recovery time after Wipeocalypse.

    Now, who knows, this may all change tomorrow for better of worse. The devs have been pretty up-front about this from the start.

    Favor is going to be a beast, though. You're not wrong. I might not go back to bard if favor does end up wiping. Too many oddball requirements for a skill which can be boiled down to one rockstar ability and a bunch of things other skills can also do. But I digress. Take this time to make friends, try skills, and master your game knowledge instead of maxing your bank space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leodane View Post
    Dump all of your resources into maxing skills. Play slow. I'm actually enjoying the game more now because of this mindset.
    This sums up my play-style accurately. I got burnt out when focusing on crafting and min/max. Don't get bogged down in mats, mods, and gear that will be wiped later (RIP dangerous enhancement weapons), rather enjoy the game content itself and testing (leveling) all sorts of stuff / acquiring the related recipes and combat skills. I know in alpha we were charged with bug reporting extensively, and the need for this only increases the closer to launch. For experienced players the wipe just means a chance to revisit content, and if you know the ropes then collecting items / councils isn't such a headache. This is a good chance to lay the groundwork for your toons presuming they don't give us a completely fresh wipe. Short answer: Just have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vish View Post
    most probably Council Store size (and Casino one when u buy slot for Casino tokens) will NOT be wipe
    I don't have concrete information on this one way or the other, but it would really surprise me if at least the council storage didn't get wiped.

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