First off I want to say THANK YOU DEV's for allowing us un-lucky hidden hidden object hunters to have a chance to get Bunny/Un-Bunny juice!

So you just got the quest from Sie Anty in Eltibule. You have picked out your garden....

What to do next??
1 - Take a few minutes and watch where the rabbits spawn.
2 - PLANT something! The more crops planted, the more rabbits spawn!
3 - Plant towards the outer edges of the garden area where more spawn spots are than in the center. I plant 2 items several paces apart.
4 - Have LONG range attacks equipped.
5 - Stand back from the plants so you get a decent view of the surrounding area.

6 - LET the rabbits land if they spawn in mid air. Bury your kill. You can not bury them if they are in mid air and if not buried they take longer to respawn.

7 - Hit them long range.

8 - Don't run around killing everything or obstructing other players views of their plots. Don't kill rabbits close to other players patches unless they ask you to watch their patch. DO NOT use AOE attacks. Don't stick around killing rabbits after you have filled your quest amount. It is rude and hinders other players enjoyment of the game.

In my experience you can easy fill your quota of 12 in around 5-10 minutes with 2 ripe crops and sticking to a small area around a spawn point. Stagger when you plant and you can get away with only planting 6-10 crops.

Have fun.

WHEN is DUCK season??