Just seeing if there's any interest for this around this time of year.

Basically, they'd be community-driven challenges with the following rules (or similar):

Self-Sustained Solo HC
Rules for this would be fairly straightforward.

New character, all /restrict functions enabled on log-in. Level as far as you can without dying - no other restrictions.

The highest ranked player would be the player with the highest combat level (up to 70); beyond 70, notoriety experience would be used to place participants.

We can track stats for this via /behaviorreport

Animal Exclusive Runs

You'd be assigned a random animal, and your new character wouldn't be allowed to ever leave that form. You can trade & group freely with other players in the run, but should avoid trading with characters (including your own) from outside it.

You would be able to use an appropriate consumable via trade as soon as you log-in, or otherwise have another character swiftly escort you to your forms trigger condition.

You would be allowed to use illusion words of power (for things like Endurance).


Anyway, mostly just looking to see if there's any interest - the specifics can be worked out later (like potential rewards).