So I have had the game for a few days now and am hitting the 30 hour mark. I in no way rushed this and did quite a bit of favors along the way. I have picked up other sets of skills such as Bard and Mentalism which I am using as my primary and secondary. I have also tried to work on my fishing, cooking, butchering, foraging, etc. I think the only complaint I can even think of is some times quests are a bit too vague as to what you are looking for. I've kinda picked up on the fact that usually when its SUPER vague and just says "Find someone" they have been in the general hub area. I first ran into this with the Mantis Spies. I figured since it said Surbule it meant out in the forests because prior quests that meant inside the city had said "Serbule Keep" prior. So I spent over an hour running around the zone looking everywhere for a house that didn't exist, asked in global chat and someone said it was in the keep. Not saying I want the game to hold your hand because that is lame but having very vague quests such as the very last one of the "newbie experience" could be a turn off to a lot of people. It didn't even give me a name or general direction, the quest just told me to look in a zone that I had never been in for a person that may know.

However that is my only complaint when it comes to the quests and honestly I feel like it's a small complaint to me. The only big complaint I have and I don't quite understand is why this game is so taxing on hardware. Running a I5-4690k, 16gb 2400mhz ram, Nvidia GTX 1070 TI and this game works it harder than any other game I have which shouldn't be the case. I haven't had higher than 85 FPS and have had as low as 20FPS if I turn shadows on. Would be interesting to know the issues as to optimization, as I am going to college for Computer Information Systems and mess with Unity myself a bit, currently working on a VR project of my own.

Overall though I want to say I am vastly enjoying this game so far. It's giving me a bit of the feeling that World of Warcraft gave me 14 years ago. I am in a world that I don't know, the game doesn't hold your hand through everything and this game even takes that a big step further I feel. It makes you have to really invest into the world to get through the game and I feel like that is good design for real MMORPG lovers. Community seems great so far, whenever I have asked a question I get a response that is useful. I look forward to continuing my adventures as a Bard and seeing what else the game has to offer as I go further.