Is the skill Chimera in which it makes Cow, Giant Bat, Pig, Rabbit and Spider beast forms into permanent forms. What I mean by that is how Druid and Lycan skills are right now. You don't need any curse or potion to morph into said animal. You just use the skill and boom you morphed. You can an NPC teach you these beast forms via skill like collecting both potion/removal and give it to the NPC then receive that animal form. Or you can have a quest from said NPC where you drink a potion and get cursed on purpose by said animal. After that, you re-spawn and kill the boss that cursed you to remove the beast form. Hence now you acquired the beast skill.

I feel that will bring some nice RP and fun elements to the game. Plus it helps when you just want to be in beast form for a bit and then want to remove it. Like if you want to grind cow form for a bit then switch to bat form. Currently right now you would either need to get cursed or buy/farm an expensive potion to switch to that animal. Given some are a bit cheaper and easier to get than others. However, it's still a pain to acquire rare one like Rabbit form or Giant Bat form. What do you guys think of this suggestion. Hopefully the developers get to see it. Given I've already submitted the same info in-game too.