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My feedback:

1. Storage
I have reached soulmate favor level with all NPCs in the Casino. The storage options are nice, even though it will take me a while to get many slots from Qatik. However, it feels like there is less storage available because it's not generic. But I certainly don't mind more of it, it will just take time to adjust.

2. Monster crit
I went on to Gazluk Keep to see the new system in action, and boy it hurts. It's particularly tough with Infiltrators as these also benefit from the DoT patch that happened a few month ago. In practice, GK is still doable but you must keep your finger on the emergency heal ability all the time, and not loose your health bar from sight.

Note that with this change, builts based on mitigation like mine have been affected a lot more than those based on evasion. Here is why: say a mob hits for 100 and I mitigate 50, with my friend evading 50% of the time. We both take 50 damage on average. But now mobs crit, and when they do they hit for 200. I mitigate 50 and take 150, my friend evades still with a 50% chance, and on average takes 100.
So it seems that evasion builds are king now, at least on trash. But on boss, not so much (for a dedicated tank anyway): if the boss crits, and you don't evade, you get hit for full and possibly one-shot. In the words of Otis: "ME CRIT, ME KILL!". At the same time, a tank based on mitigation still removes a bit of the damage and perhaps survives.

Anyway, the game has moved and is now more favorable to dedicated tanks. Big plus as far as I'm concerned (even if I'm not a tank).

3. The new casino

Well, the two games aren't my cup tea it seems. I eventually worked on my strategies to not just get ridiculously low amounts of xp, but I don't have the patience to wait for lucky rolls to obtain high scores. I find match-3 games, after the hot fix, well-balanced and it's nice to have an alternate way to obtain some items. About M&M, like others, I think the Prey ability is weak. By the time I get a hat that would heal me if I roll a double, and therefore when it's an acceptable strategy to slow down the fight and roll a lot, it doesn't heal enough to offset the damage taken. I find myself using Execute a lot more, and in a more efficient way, than Prey. Maybe it becomes powerful later in the game, but I wouldn't know, I don't think I ever reached level 4 having Prey.

4. Excursion quests

I did the four quests offered by Qatik. There is a large disparity in difficulty and duration. I found Wolf Cave to be the easiest and fastest, followed by Winter Nexus. Ice Cave (Yeti cave) is long and there are plenty of opportunities to wipe, for example when you drop down a pit. Dark Chapel is difficult, probably too difficult (impossible?) for a group of level 40, the intended level (but only such a group can confirm).
That is a great summary for this and one thing I have to say is awesome is you have the favor maxed out for all NPCs. However I have to say Im hooked on the MnM it reminds me of the old text based games that hooked me for hours on end. I just wish there was a bit more free action but since its a mini game Im happy with the current build. The Prey ability does seem to make it harder to progress late game but if you power the others skills and remain healed its not too easy to keep all 3 attack skills high level.