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so. as it is now, for this example (Leather working), a level 70 character will use this skill only to level it to 70 (grind). The in-between skills will only be used once or twice until the next level skill and never again as they are obsolete for the cause (to use the top and only those skills). All the items created are to be sold to the vendors below cost.
Who will buy this items. Only vendors…

Ok. Now how is this good for the economy?
If the items made by leatherworking gave a profit levelling leatherworking would be a no brainer, as it would be free or even better to turn all your own loot into leatherworking exp+councils.

In the current system there it will cost you councils to level it up. I am pretty sure this is intentional. The current system means getting high level leatherworking is something that is expensive, with the intent to be now that people who do this will craft gear for other players(this is how its good for the economy) - rather than every player crafting their own gear.