Note: The comments and results below are not representative of the majority of players' current capabilities in the game as the gear used is best-in-slot backed up by several years of Alpha experience. I believe they are at the extreme end of the current game boundaries.

TLDR: Recent patch has had minimal impact on high-end Fire AOE build kill speed. A little more care is required when fighting 3+ monsters. Can no longer solo unlimited numbers. Patch has limited the practical number of soloable monsters to around 6 or 7.

I spent an hour in Gazluk wolf cave testing my Fire /BC AOE build. Note: BC skill was disabled, so the only damage was from fire skills.

Gear used: Level 70 max crafted golds with augments.
Five complete clearances of cave completed. 201 wolves skinned in the hour.

Still able to 2-shot the wolves with little danger to myself. No noticeable decrease in kill or clearance speed.

However, patch changes required more care in killing packs of wolves. 4 at once was comfortable, 5 was dangerous (using Fire skills only).
Using the build with healing skills made soloing 5 wolves very comfortable.