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Not really. I was excited about golem haste concoction but it was kind of a let down after acquiring it. Occasionally the speed burst comes in handy, but not often.

I have mine on the trigger skill, but i tend to just leave it on, and it's kind of a waste of a sidebar slot.
Ah that sucks. I will probably just replace it with an armor refresh. It's nice to have a little helper to buff you a bit.

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@Baldrith , my BC abilities trigger about 1000-1200 damage each, freezing mist 1500+. (lv 70ish) @alleryn the golem haste is on a 45 sec. cooldown.
Wow, I suppose it gets nice at higher level. I'm still buying the basic damage skills on it. I get 1000 from my fire breath attack. Never get near that with anything else.