This is a bug-fix update.

General Fixes:
  • Fixed several bugs that could bottleneck the server. (You can tell when this is happening because NPCs take a long time to respond when they're clicked on, among other problems.) It's likely there are more of these bottleneck bugs that only arise when 200+ players are in one small geographic region, so special logging was added to help track them down when they occur.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to switch equipment during combat.
  • Fixed bug that caused players to have collision with other players if they transformed into/out of an animal form.
  • If you died while submerged in an indoor body of water, the camera could remain blurry after you respawned.
  • Fixed bug with Hardcore Mode sign allowing players to temporarily keep using hardcore items and buffs after turning off hardcore mode.
  • When a guild officer toggled a guild permission, it was logged incorrectly to the Guild Audit Log. (Pre-existing log entries are unchanged; new log entries should be correct.)
  • Fixed bug that could turn other players' hair mostly invisible ("ghost hair") if they stood at a certain point between the camera and your character.
  • Fixed pet/monster AI bug that caused melee-centric monsters to stand idly until their global cooldown was up, even if their target was fleeing. They now pursue fleeing enemies so they can more quickly be in range to attack again.
  • Additionally, adjusted pet/monster AI so that they don't slow down as quickly when chasing fleeing (or backpedaling) targets, allowing them to actually get in range of their targets more often.

Animal Handling Fixes:
  • Fixed bug that caused Animal Handling pets to not respond to Sic 'Em/Clever Trick orders if their pet mode was changed.
  • Examining an Animal Handling pet once again lists the pet's unique abilities triggered by Sic 'Em and Clever Trick.
  • Animal Handling ability "Get It Off Me" referred vaguely to "potency is based on loyalty". Loyalty is now called Bond Level, and the ability was reworded to be a little more specific: "How well the pet focuses on your enemies depends in part on the pet's Bond Level." In other words, Bond Level determines how well the pet is "taunted" to attack your enemies, but other benefits of the ability are NOT based on bond level.
  • Increased how well pets stick to your enemies when Get It Off Me is used. (But this effect is reduced if the pet's Bond Level is low; see above.)
  • Removed obsolete references to pet Power in Animal Handling abilities.

Content Fixes:
  • Fixed visual bugs with ghosts
  • Ranalon Den map now uses the new style map pins.
  • Fixed some stone objects in the Ranalon Den that could be walked through.
  • All old references to "Enoeos" are now spelt "Enoyos". (He'd probably prefer the other spelling, but it's easier to guess how "Enoyos" is pronounced: eh-NO-yose.)
  • The "Strange Stick" used in the quest "The Eye of Fate" works again.
  • Map fog in the Crystal Cavern behaves correctly.
  • Velkort's furniture no longer floats. Neither does Ivyn's house.
  • Trees and grasses in Serbule Hills are visible again.
  • Killing some types of Winter Court Fey did not correctly advance the guild quest Storming the Nexus (50-person)
  • Eltibule is using the new terrain shaders, although the foliage is not yet updated to match, so it looks a bit weird