We're going to Steam soon, and although we have some nice screenshots to use on our Steam ad page, I still think they could be better. If you have screenshots that you think would look good on our Steam page, please post them! If we use them, we'll send you some in-game goodies like a Celebratory Cake, plus a month of free VIP time (when that exists).

Any kind of screenshot is good: scenic ones (without the UI on), combat screenshots, in-town jams, whatever you think might convince people to try the game!

We're considering all the screenshots in the earlier Official Screenshot Thread as being automatically included in this little contest. So no need to cross-post!

To take screenshots, you can press Ctrl+P in-game. But even better would be high-res screenshots. There's no default keypress for this, but if you go into the settings screen and look for the "Screenshot: High-Res" command, you can give it whatever key-combo you want.

Our forum's image-uploader has a size restriction, I believe, so if you want to use a different image hosting service (e.g. imgur.com), that's great, just post the link to them here. (If you know how to set them up as embedded images, cool, but if not, just paste the link and we'll click it to see the pic.)


Edited addition:

Hey guys, loving the screen shots! Contest is still open, but I wanted to add some new info.

We picked some preliminary winners for our Steam page, and Valve turned a few of the screenshots down because they looked like pre-rendered images. The rule is that "screenshots must show actual gameplay." Of course, all your shots were in-game footage, but I guess the point is to make it very clear to the viewer that the shot came from in-game.

So if you want to do a shot of scenery, I think the best bet is to leave the UI enabled so that it's clearly in-game footage!