Hey all, I go by Taire 'round most of these MMOs (rhymes with bear) but my first character was Apollo the Archer on the Frostfell server of Asheron's Call. I discovered PG just a few hours ago via this article and at the mention of not one, but two, veterans of AC working on a new game I had to check it out.

After a few hours pouring through the wiki pages (and eventually finding my activation email in my spam folder) I've arrived here to introduce myself!
(OMG this forum auto-saves. Brilliant!)

My first PC game, MMO, and love was Asheron's Call way back in the 2000-2001 era. I played, and met some lifelong friends, over the next handful of years before moving onto World of Warcraft for even longer. I haven't ever found a game that felt the same as AC--though I'm not sure it's even a fair fight--but I've since played many others trying to fill the void: The Sims Online, The Matrix Online, Guild Wars, Age of Conan, The Secret World, RIFT, ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, and maybe someday BLESS if that ever releases.

So now I'm very curious to log into PG and enjoy another world full of skills without classes, and quests without exclamation points!

Hope to see you all in-game soon and I just want to thank these Devs for taking on such an enormous task themselves, in order to give us lost souls a place to (Asheron's) call home again.

- Taire Bear

p.s. - Can we request more emoji? I love getting excessive with my emojis.