Inventory Folders
Inventory folders are a new way to organize your inventory. Folders don't increase your inventory size -- they just let you split up your inventory into different "bags". (We've avoided calling them "bags" or "packs" because we want to make it more obvious that folders don't increase your inventory.)

Folders are intended for mid- to high-level players, because that's when we think they're most important. So you unlock them by hitting various skill milestones, listed below. Note: you can unlock up to 4 folders, but there are a lot more than 4 skill-unlocks. That's just to give you flexibility!

Unlock a folder by reaching any of these skill milestones: (up to 4 folders max)
  • Lore 25
  • Endurance 50
  • Industry 25
  • Retail Management 25
  • Dying 50
  • Anatomy 25
  • Tailoring 50
  • Blacksmithing 50
  • Civic Pride 25
  • Holistic Wellness 25
  • Survival Instincts 50
  • Shamanic Infusion 50

We would like feedback on this list of skills, so if you feel these are too hard (or too easy) to achieve, please let us know your recommendations.

Additional notes:
  • Once you've unlocked an inventory folders, you can change the color of the folder's icon by applying dye to it. There is a special crafting station for this in Shirogin's business (in Rahu)
  • The vendor sales window now lets you pick a specific inventory folder to sell from. (The dropdown-box appears in the vendor UI after you've unlocked at least one inventory folder.)

New Unity version: Unity 2017.2
To help address graphics bugs, we've updated to a more modern version of the Unity engine. In local testing, this version has been very stable and has even improved framerate slightly. But whenever we change Unity versions there's a chance that weird bugs creep in. Please report them, and we'll fix them!

UI improvements:
  • There is a new button on bottom of the inventory window that lets you search for an item by name. This will search your inventory and all storage containers, and report where the item can be found. (For the text-command-savvy users, this does the same thing as the /isearch command.)
  • When you right-click an ingredient in the Crafting window, you can now jump to the recipe that makes that item (if you know that recipe!)
  • If you need more favor to purchase a Training menu option, the UI now tells you exactly which favor level you'll need
  • The Hunting Party Stats window now highlights a member's name in green when you have that player selected
  • When you use a beneficial ability on a member of your hunting party, the beneficial ability's icon briefly appears on the Hunting Party Stats window near their name. This acts as additional feedback to show you've successfully used the ability.
  • Shift-clicking an inventory item is once again a shortcut to bring up the Split Stack window
  • Beer and hard liquor barrels now have a right-click-menu entry to empty the barrel (if you know the recipe to do that)
  • Installed new higher-resolution maps for Kur Mountains, Gazluk Plateau, Ilmari Desert, and Rahu

Food tweaks:
  • Recipes for meals, snacks, and instant-heal foods are labeled as such in the crafting window sidebar list
  • The tooltip for snack foods now states even more explicitly "This is a snack". (They also still indicate they are snacks in the tooltip's list of attributes.)
  • All drink foods (such as apple juice, raw egg blend, myconutmeg, bitter mint tea, mushroom smoothies, etc.) have been turned into Snacks instead of Meals. Remember that snacks stack with meals, so this change means you can eat a baked potato and drink an apple juice to get both effects at once.
  • Items with metabolism costs once again show this cost in the tooltip
  • "Wolfsbane Muffins" now actually work as food (bad food, but food), like their tooltip suggested. If the Gourmand skill report doesn't indicate that you've eaten one already, you will need to eat a new one. (To earn a whopping 40 gourmand XP.)

Other changes and bug fixes:
  • Some magical items (ones that had no enchantments with level requirements) could not be distilled into phlogiston or decomposed into components.
  • The right-click menu for some magical items listed multiple entries for "Distill Item" or "Decompose Item". This happened when the item was eligible for several categories at once due to the levels of the mods on the item. Now, for simplicity, only the highest-level eligible recipe of each type is listed in the menu.
  • Fixed scenarios where keyboard input could get out of sync when entering text for an NPC (such as vendor stalls' "Leave a note for the owner" or a calligraphy table's "Inscribe Item" feature)
  • Modestly lowered the max health of most elites and bosses in Gazluk Keep

Finally, a note about the "OptimizeMeshes" optimization added in the last update: this still works, and it's still considered experimental. (But reports have generally suggested it's a good optimization, so you might want to consider it -- see last update's notes below.) We're planning some tweaks and improvements to this optimization, but for now the code is exactly the same as before. We didn't want to change any of the low-level graphics code in the same update that we switched Unity versions. (That would make it harder to diagnose problems, if there are any!) Further tweaks will come soon.