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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

Project: Gorgon

  1. Game News, 2023-11

    We've written a lot over the past few years about our development plans, about Statehelm and orcs, about housing, about what comes next and what we need to get us across the finish line. It's an uncomfortable position -- we're so *very* close, but we're not there yet so we ... Just! Keep! Pushing!

    But life doesn't always make it easy to push. Today we need to share some bad news with you, and to talk about how that's going to affect game development. But first I need to briefly fill ...

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    Project: Gorgon
  2. Dev Blog: July 12, 2023

    Hi there! I'm srand (Sandra), co-lead developer on Project: Gorgon along with my husband Citan (Eric). Way, way back in the day I worked on Asheron's Call 1 as a coder and a producer; on Project: Gorgon I've done a little bit of everything except art.

    Today I want to talk a bit about our big Summer Sale and why I'm to blame, plus a bit about what's (probably!) coming in the near future.

    The Big Summer Sale

    Steam's big Summer Sale has started, ...
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    Project: Gorgon
  3. Town Hall Q&A #3, Part 1

    Here’s the first batch of answers for the latest Q&A. There were a lot more high-ranking questions this time, in part because there are a lot more people voting, so thanks! Rather than waiting until all the answers are ready, I figured I should just break them into parts.

    Most of these answers are from me, although the first answer is from Sandra.

    Qaelis: How is Srand?

    [from Srand] Thanks for asking! I'm doing well, all things considered. ...
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    Project: Gorgon
  4. Dev Blog: February 2022

    Time for another development update! Before I start, I want to warn new players about reading too much into these sorts of deep dev blog posts, because 1) we routinely change direction when new problems arise and 2) I tend to sound a lot more negative than I would be when talking to new players. It's just designer-speak, basically: if I say "the level-30 content range is boring and too hidden and needs work", new players can hear "the game is unplayable at level 30". But that's ...

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    Project: Gorgon
  5. Town Hall - July 11, 2021

    Welcome to our second ever Town Hall! Over the past week, we've collected many questions in Discord and asked you to vote on which of them you'd like to see answered the most. We hope that you're enjoying these Town Halls, because we certainly are! It's great to have an opportunity to dive deeply into the questions you're most interested in. Today we have some pretty dense answers, as well as some that are short and sweet.

    Remember, lots of these questions are about detailed game ...
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    Project: Gorgon
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