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01-01-2017, 10:06 AM
This post is to discuss the Unarmed skill, how to enhance it with armor mods, and using all of that to flavor your RP interactions with people in the game (or just in your head)

I will be using "The Muntok Fist" style practiced by player Monger as an example of how a player skill build can be integrated into RP style.

Unarmed: General Information
The Unarmed skill by itself is a low-damage /low-power consumption/high-utility ability set that grants the player a multitude of status/debuff/pushback options. With unarmed skills you will make the enemy vulnerable to crushing damage, slashing damage, stun them, cause them to bleed (D.O.T.) at higher levels, slow/root them (with armor modifications), and be able to push them far enough back that they'll have to run back into combat with the players.

The unarmed abilities use feet, knees, head, body, and of course, hands. Some skills may be locked depending on what your character is holding. For example, if you are holding a staff, you will not be able to use the stun abilities that require two hands to execute, but you will still be able to do head-butts, knees, kicks, and upper cuts.

In the current alpha build, unarmed is popular with beast-type players (spider, cow, wolf, deer...etc) and ranged players who have enough roots that they just want to use unarmed to push enemies away if they get too close.

The Meditation Skill can be used enhance damage output, create AOE attacks, dots, heal/buff the player, or mitigate damage against the player.

The most common armor modifications found for unarmed include roots/slows, increases to damage output, and ability timer reductions.

Path of the Muntok Fist Build
Players who wish to follow The Muntok Fist build will want to focus on stacking damage boosts with loss of armor; these armor modifications are fairly rare to find, however if executed correctly, you could be looking at upwards of +90% damage output of all abilities when under 33% armor and +130-200% on specific abilities such as bodyslam or hipthrow.

It's also recommended to pick up modifications that take damage done to a player and adds a % of that damage back into the next punch or jab.

when in a party, a Muntok Fist practitioner can use the Push Onward sidebar skill to purposely drop their armor below 33% while not drawing aggro to ensure maximum damage output.

I will be posting samples of some armor builds in my next post on this thread (taking a break first).

Flavor / Lore

Hidden among the frozen crags of the Kur Mountains resides the Dojo of the Muntok Fist.

Combat is about the exchanging of blows and the contest of spirit. When a warrior strikes their enemy, it is with all the strength they can muster and the enemy faces the blow with their own strength whether it be to counter or to dodge. The one who is stronger will emerge triumphant.

The Grand Duo Luo of the Muntok Fist teaches that through intense body training, a warrior may learn to absorb power from the blows of attackers and turn that back against them, adding in the warriors own strength to each strike. Skilled practitioners of Muntok Fist will be able to greatly increase their own attack power while making their opponents question the effectiveness of their own attacks.

How To Identify a Muntok Fist Practitioner:
The majority of Muntok Fist Practitioners are Orc with a few very rare exceptions (ahem).

Animals are forbidden from being taught Muntok techniques. If an animal is ever caught practicing Muntok Fist, they would be hunted and killed by the entire organization. The Dojo offers a monetary reward to anyone who reports an animal practitioner. They are seen as lesser creatures and it is considered a stain upon the honor of The Dojo to leave an abomination alive.

Disciples wear no armor on their chest, finding that skin is the best transmitter of power. For similar reasons practitioners use their body in combat (unarmed), disdaining Orcs who would prefer crafted weapons. Oddly enough, they think it sensible that any other race learning Muntok Fist should use fist based weapons to compensate for the lack of Orc Blood running in their veins.

Masters in the art tend to be heavily scarred (their skin as tough leather armor) and may wear little else than a loincloth, even in the winter.

How to defeat a Muntok Fist Practitioner:
You can’t. Just run, mwhahahahaha!

Seriously though, Magic or Ranged attacks seem quite effective. If they get in close, you’re a goner. Muntok Fist Masters absolutely hate ice mages with a passion. I haven’t heard the whole story, but from what I can glean, a passing ice mage once encased the Grand Duo Luo in a giant block of ice during an argument about the merits of combining Muntok Fist techniques with magical attacks.

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Here are two samples of unarmed / psychology gear that contain the buffs mentioned above.


01-01-2017, 02:07 PM
Ah unarmed, my second favorite skillset in game (after wolf). After recent patch when animal forms were enabled to use all atatcks from it, it becoem extremaly good skill to use for just about any of them.

There si one interestign thing about unarme dmods - the oen that affect kick attacks work for ALL attacks labeled as kicks - even outisde of unarmed skill lane. This make synergy even better for animal forms with kicks attacks on they own.

Outside of effects tat boost damge when player armor falls low, 2 unarmed skills have bonus effects when enemy armor is low: Cobra strike stuns, and Mamba strike deals bonus trauma damage (one of few skills in game that deals trauma damage as burst, not DoT)

Like Op said one of biggets strenght of unarmed combat is its cc capabilites - player has acces to 2 knockbacks, and 2 stuns (one only when enemy armor is at or below 33%). Using mods and combos all of them cna be turned into aoe (tough not at the same time. You will have to pick if you want 2 aoe knockbacks or stuns). I personaly prefer sustain combos (there is one 4-step combo taht restores 25% max hp - i think only heal that scale swith amx hp). Or you coudl add more stuns or dmage. There is quite few options there.

Also, while unarmed may apper to have low dmage (especialy early game) later on its pretty damm high. Bodyslam deals massive dmage (like every epick attack), and since Brusing blow can reduce its cd by up to 20 sec, you could, in theory, Bodyslam every ~10 sec. But this would mean very high power consumption.