View Full Version : Running Project: Gorgon on M1 Macs

02-14-2021, 11:34 PM
Hi everyone!

I've been playing PG since it was in its free-to-play pre-alpha form, at which point I had a 2013 MacBook Air. I still play on that same computer, but as it's aging, I'm thinking I'm getting close to needing a new laptop. I've used Macs all my life, and have a soft spot for the design, the UNIX-based OS, and the ease of linking with all my other Apple products. That being said, my husband just got a new Lenovo Legion laptop and my jaw hit the floor when I saw he had 40-60 fps in Serbule on the good graphics setting... I've been limping to about 10 fps in Serb on the bad setting.

So this threw a wrench into my laptop buying decision making process. I was tossing around the idea of a PC, but I know Apple came out with their new M1 processors last year. Does anyone play with that configuration, and if so, what's your performance like?


03-29-2021, 04:29 AM
Can't answer about the M1 processor but I've used and played on Mac a long time.
I began PG with a Mac, having trouble with the fps as well. The processor is not the problem, it's the graphic card. You don't have one on MacBook Air or pro, unless u specifically choose ur Mac with this option. You only have a chipset.
So, you can choose to remain on Mac, but if you want better fps and graphics, you'll need one with a nice graphic card (it will be expensive).
I did buy a windows computer because every time I played a game, I had to lower everything and it never gave me great fps. I kept my Mac for work and everything, the Windows one is only used for video games.

04-01-2021, 05:27 AM
I just order a Macbook Air M1 base configuration. Expect it to arrive within a week or so. I am also very curious as to how it is gonna go. In any case, I really hope it will outperform my late 2013 Macbook Pro 13" even when I run the game on Rosetta. My old macbook was already struggling to handle PG at 0 graphics settings for years. Will let you know how it goes :-) If anyone has already tried this please let me know what to expect.

04-14-2021, 12:16 PM
Short status report for those few interested. PG runs great on my new base config MacBook Air M1 in my opinion. Soo much much better than my 8 year old Macbook Pro. I got 20+FPS at Serbule well with the following settings
Mac connected to external 4k display and output set to default (1080p).
Game settings 4k (3840x2160) resolution, with graphics setting 4 Great.
All other areas are clearly higher FPS. The couple I tried were around 30 at this setting. In some areas even the higher graphics settings seemed playable.

I never seen this game in soo much detail before :D Imagine all that sharp text, UI and who knew there was even actual grass on the maps before :P