View Full Version : Cloth armor and cold weather

02-20-2017, 12:09 PM
I'd like to see Winter armor recipes for cloth armor ("clothing").

Real world logic: Wool and silk both have better heat-retention properties than leather. Cloth made from a wool-silk blend could be lined with fur just like leather armor is now to be very warm. I know that wearing cloth slippers in the snow is dumb, but so is wearing cloth slippers anywhere outside and we do that to have matched armor sets.

Game logic: So far cloth and leather have maintained similar levels of utility. With the cold weather zones cloth armor has become detrimental in those areas with an overall loss in utility. There are some buffs that allow for cold weather survival in cloth but it's very very rough going.

Suggestions on how to implement: Use one or more of the Silk thread recipes Legs in Animal Town already has and combine it with raw wool to make a wool-silk blend. This will allow for the appropriate number of crafting steps to create the right difficulty level. This will also make Silk more useful for Tailors (silk seems under-utilized for now, I expect there are future plans for it).

I see two main options for the recipes:

* Combine Wool-Silk thread with raw wool and tufts of fur (like the leather Winter recipes) and make Cloth Winter armor patterns.
* Create five "Enhance Body Heat" recipes that add units of body heat and for enhancement points, just like the various enhance damage recipes and the pocket recipes for legs and chests. Applying the enhance body heat recipes would consume wool-silk thread and whatever makes a good magical component (maybe the winter flowers?).

I thought of the second option because it might be considered too OP allow both full enhancement-point modification and body heat on cloth gear. There could even be a hybrid approach: make patterns, but reduce the starting enhancement points on each piece (maybe cut them in half so there could still be some customization?).

If the body heat rating is treated as a magical enhancement, no new art assets are needed.

In any case the final Winter cloth items could each have a few less points of Body Heat rating so leather Winter gear is always superior in the cold.