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11-21-2019, 08:55 AM
Here is an updated list of all the food in the game as of 11.21.19 to the best of my knowledge. My gourmand level is 74 with a level or two made up of XP gained from eating many great bacon and cheeses like Provolone and Grasgot.

One interesting food on this list is Strawberry Yogurt which is a quest food, so if I'm missing some item, my guess is that it would be a quest reward.
Am I missing anything?

All-Flavor Chicken (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Almonds: 1
Alpha Beets: 1
Amazing Cranberry Sauce: 1
Appenzeller Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 70
Apple Juice: 5
Apple Shaved Ice: 2
Aromatic Chicken (HAS MEAT): 2
Autumn Salad: 1
BBQ Ribs (HAS MEAT): 3
Bacon (HAS MEAT): 7
Bacon Basket (HAS MEAT): 2
Bacon-Lover's Omelet (HAS MEAT) (HAS EGGS) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Baked Beets: 4
Baked Pig Snout (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Baked Potato: 1
Banana Bread: 1
Banana Shaved Ice: 1
Banana-Almond Pancakes: 1
Banana: 4
Barbecue Chicken (HAS MEAT): 1
Barbecue Rabbit Chops (HAS MEAT): 1
Barbecued Mystery Meat (HAS MEAT): 1
Barley Bread (HAS EGGS) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Basic Beetle Skewer (HAS MEAT): 1
Basic Cranberry Sauce: 1
Basic Ham Omelet (HAS MEAT) (HAS EGGS) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Basic Pepperpot (HAS MEAT): 187
Basic Pumpkin Pie: 4
Beachside Blend: 1
Beef and Broccoli (HAS MEAT): 129
Beets 'n Meats (HAS MEAT): 13
Beginner's Buttermilk (HAS DAIRY): 2
Berry Lollipop: 1
Bitter-Mint Tea: 2
Black Soup (HAS MEAT): 9
Bland Baked Chicken (HAS MEAT): 2
Bland Baked Turkey (HAS MEAT): 1
Bland Gingerbread Human: 1
Bland Mutton Vindaloo (HAS MEAT): 1
Blood Mushroom Smoothie: 99
Blusher Mushroom Smoothie: 1
Boiled Cabbage: 1
Boiled Crab: 2
Boletus Mushroom Smoothie: 1
Bone Soup (HAS MEAT): 1
Bonus Fishy Surprise: 2
Boring Fruit Cocktail: 1
Bottle of Goat Milk: 1
Bottle of Milk: 62
Bottle of Sugar Water: 2
Breaded Perch with Onions: 1
Brie Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Brocciu Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Broccoli Florets (HAS DAIRY): 1
Broccoli Squash Bake (HAS DAIRY): 1
Brunost Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Buttered Baked Potato (HAS DAIRY): 1
Butterscotch-Cream Candy: 1
Cabbage Soup: 1
Cactus Juice: 181
Cambozola Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 102
Camembert Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Candied Apple: 2
Candied Grapes: 1
Candied Heart (HAS MEAT): 1
Candied Lemon: 6
Cantal Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cantaloupe: 1
Casino Breakfast (HAS DAIRY): 1
Casino Kabobs (HAS MEAT): 1
Casino Stir-Fry (HAS MEAT): 1
Cat Stew Cup (HAS MEAT): 1
Cave Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cavefish Nigiri: 1
Cavefish Sticks: 1
Cavefish Supper: 1
Cavefish Sushi Roll: 1
Celebratory Cake (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cheesy Baked Potato (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cheesy Veggie Delight (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cheshire Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Chicken Casserole (HAS MEAT): 27
Chicken Drumstick (HAS MEAT): 75
Chicken Psi-Mantis Style (HAS MEAT): 1
Chicken and Broccoli (HAS MEAT): 21
Chicken and Watercress Soup (HAS MEAT): 1
Chicken-Rabbit Rice (HAS MEAT): 1
Chuma's Agave Secret: 134
Cinnamon Candy: 3
Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls (HAS DAIRY): 1
Clownfish Chowder: 1
Clownfish Nigiri: 3
Clownfish Sushi Roll: 3
Coral Mushroom Smoothie: 1
Cottage Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cottage Pie (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 2
Crab Nigiri: 2
Crab Roll: 1
Crab Sushi Roll: 1
Cranberry-Almond Pie (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cranberry-Barbecue Mutton (HAS MEAT): 1
Cranberry-Barbecue Steak (HAS MEAT): 1
Cranberry-Turkey Sandwich (HAS MEAT): 1
Cream Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Cream of Mushroom Soup (HAS DAIRY): 1
Creamy Squash Casserole (HAS DAIRY): 1
Crelpin's Corn Dish (HAS DAIRY): 1
Crelpin's Fish Dish: 1
Crelpin's Fried Dish (HAS MEAT): 1
Crelpin's Fruit Juice: 1
Crelpin's Fruit Salad: 1
Crelpin's Gorp (HAS MEAT): 1
Crelpin's Side Salad: 1
Crelpin's Sushi: 1
Crelpin's Tart: 1
Cup o' Paralysis (HAS MEAT): 1
Danablu Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 22
Deluxe Beetle Skewer (HAS MEAT): 1
Deluxe Casino Kabobs (HAS MEAT): 1
Desert Tea: 1
Diet Lunch (HAS DAIRY): 1
Dinobites (HAS MEAT): 1
Disappointing Corn Surprise (HAS DAIRY): 1
Dried Cave Fish: 4
Dried Clownfish: 1
Dried Cranberries: 1
Dried Grapefish: 1
Dried Perch: 3
Durstin's Minty Lamb Chops (HAS MEAT): 2
Durstin's Mutton Stew (HAS MEAT): 1
Edam Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 80
Eel Nigiri: 1
Eel Stir-Fry: 3
Eel Sushi Roll: 1
Emmentaler Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Esgarion Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Eyeball Soup (HAS MEAT): 1
Fairwing Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 2
Fairy Honey: 1
Fairy Peach Juice: 1
Fairy Puffs (HAS DAIRY): 1
Fancy Pumpkin Pie (HAS DAIRY): 20
Fancy Turkey Pie (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Feta Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 53
Field Mushroom Smoothie: 1
Fish and Mushroom Scramble (HAS EGGS): 1
Flatbread: 1
Fried Banana (HAS DAIRY): 1
Fried Boletus Bites: 1
Fried Clownfish: 2
Fried Crab: 1
Fried Lamb Chops (HAS MEAT): 1
Fried Lungfish: 1
Fried Mycena Bites: 2
Fried Potato Sticks: 1
Fried Spider Leg (HAS MEAT): 3
Fruit Candy: 4
Fruit Cocktail: 2
Fruity Mushy: 1
Furpot (HAS MEAT): 1
Glazed Beets: 1
Gloucester Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Gobbledygook (HAS MEAT): 1
Goblin Pasties (HAS MEAT): 1
Goblin Stew (HAS MEAT): 2
Goblin Wheatbread: 29
Grape Candy Cane: 1
Grape Juice: 1
Grape Lollipop: 4
Grape Shaved Ice: 2
Grape-Strawberry Candy: 1
Grapefish Nigiri: 1
Grapefish Steak: 4
Grapefish Sushi Roll: 1
Grapefish and Eggs (HAS EGGS): 1
Grapes: 5
Grasgot Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1253
Great Bacon (HAS MEAT): 3749
Green Apple: 1
Green Vexfish Nigiri: 1
Green Vexfish Sushi Roll: 2
Gretchen's Millet Bar: 2
Gretchen's Potato Rolls: 1
Grilled Chicken (HAS MEAT): 2
Groovalu: 1
Gross Candy: 1
Guava Beet Muffin: 3
Guava Bowl: 17
Guava Shaved Ice: 1
Guava: 3
Gul Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Haerel Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 82
Halloumi Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Hard Roll: 1
Hard-Boiled Egg (HAS EGGS): 1
Hardtack: 1
Hash Browns: 1
Havarti Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 7
Hiral's Citrus Blend: 124
Honey Ham (HAS MEAT): 1
Honey-Pumpkin Muffin (HAS DAIRY): 1
Honey: 3
House Cat (HAS MEAT): 1
Hydration Punch: 2
Jellybeans: 1
Jerky Lembas Brick: 1
Juicy Ham (HAS MEAT): 1
Kraken Calamari: 1
Laressa's Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 2
Large Strawberry: 29
Laura Neth's Famous Tart: 1
Laura's Cheese Biscuits (HAS DAIRY): 1
Laura's Cheesy Beets (HAS DAIRY): 1
Laura's Crab Biscuits: 1
Leafwater: 1
Leftover Turkey Sandwich (HAS MEAT): 1
Lembas Brick: 1
Lemon Candy Cane: 74
Lemon Meringue Pie (HAS DAIRY): 1
Lemon Puffs (HAS DAIRY): 1
Lemon Shaved Ice: 1
Lemon-Glazed Chicken (HAS MEAT): 1
Lemon: 5
Lemonade: 1
Limburger Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 16
Loaded Baked Potato (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Lungfish Kabob: 1
Lungfish Roll: 1
Maggot Soup (HAS MEAT): 1
Maggoty Ham (HAS MEAT): 1
Magical Candy Cane: 1
Mandibles' Dandy Dinner (HAS MEAT): 1
Mandibles' Perfect Lunch (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Mantis-Stuffed Mushroom (HAS MEAT): 2
Mantis-Style Pumpkin Pie (HAS MEAT): 1
Maple Carrots: 3
Maple-Smoked Shark: 1
Mild Cheddar Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 13
Milk Cap Mushroom Smoothie: 12
Mint Candy Cane: 1
Mint Ice Cream (HAS DAIRY): 1
Mint Lollipop: 1
Mint-Blueberry Candy: 1
Mogyar Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Mokapok Stew: 1
Monterey Jack Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Mountain Mutton (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Mozzarella Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 6
Munster Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Mushroom Barley Soup: 1
Mutton and Eggs (HAS MEAT) (HAS EGGS): 1
Mycena Mushroom Smoothie: 1
Myconutmeg: 3
Mystery Jerky (HAS MEAT): 4
Neufchatel Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Nishika's Travel Snack (HAS MEAT): 1
Onion Blossom: 3
Onion Chicken (HAS MEAT): 1
Onion Omelet (HAS EGGS): 1
Onion Rings: 1
Orange Cat (HAS MEAT): 1
Orange Juice: 1
Orange Perch: 1
Orange Shaved Ice: 2
Orange: 6
Orcish Eel (HAS DAIRY): 1
Orcish Onion Soup (HAS DAIRY): 2
Orcish Snack Plate (HAS MEAT): 1
Parasol Mushroom Smoothie: 1
Parmesan Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Peach Shaved Ice: 1
Peach: 1
Pear Shaved Ice: 1
Pear: 2
Peasant's Pie (HAS MEAT): 1
Pepper Jack Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 36
Pepper Venison (HAS MEAT): 31
Perch Nigiri: 1
Perch Sushi Roll: 1
Perfectly Baked Potato: 1
Perfectly Baked Turkey (HAS MEAT): 1
Pickled Fish: 6
Pixie Pocket (HAS DAIRY): 1
Plain Porridge: 5
Poached Egg (HAS EGGS): 1
Pork Chops with Grape Jelly (HAS MEAT): 1
Pork Chops with Watercress (HAS MEAT): 1
Potato Wedges: 2
Prim Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Provolone Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1151
Pumpkin Salad: 1
Pumpkin Smoothie: 2
Pumpkin Soup: 1
Pumpkin Spice Tea: 2
Pumpkin-Spice Cookies: 1
Rabbit Treat: 2
Raclette Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 3
Rahu Rice: 1
Ranalon Salad: 1
Ratkin Survival Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Rattus Root: 1
Raw Egg Blend (HAS EGGS): 1
Recuperative Soup (HAS MEAT): 1
Red Apple: 22
Ricotta Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Ricotta Forte (HAS DAIRY): 1
Roquefort Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 101
Rotten Meat (HAS MEAT): 1
Ruktagh (HAS DAIRY): 1
Rustic Meatsterpiece (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Sausage (HAS MEAT): 14
Scamorza Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Scrambled Egg (HAS EGGS): 2
Secret Rice: 1
Selaxi's Cactus Mixer: 11
Selaxi's Scorpion Stinger (HAS MEAT): 5
Serbule-Style Lamb Chops (HAS MEAT): 1
Shark Chew: 1
Shark Nigiri: 3
Shark Sushi Roll: 1
Shark and Crab Kebabs: 33
Sharp Cheddar Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 10
Shepherd's Pie (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Shroom Feast: 85
Simple Autumn Gorp: 1
Simple Cranberry Tart: 1
Simple Pumpkin Muffin (HAS DAIRY): 1
Sirine Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 178
Slave's Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Slightly Sub-Par Fruit Cocktail: 1
Snacking Bread: 44
Snakemeat Wraps (HAS MEAT): 1
Soft-Boiled Egg (HAS EGGS): 1
Spearmint Candy Cane: 1
Spicy Cavefish: 1
Spicy Chicken (HAS MEAT): 1
Spicy Lemon Cat (HAS MEAT): 1
Spicy Porcini Bites (HAS DAIRY): 1
Spoiled Rations (HAS MEAT): 1
Sprigganberries: 1
Squash Soup: 1
Steak and Cheese Wraps (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Strawberry Bowl: 2
Strawberry Ice Cream (HAS DAIRY): 1
Strawberry Shaved Ice: 2
Strawberry Yogurt (HAS DAIRY): 1
Stuffed Bell Pepper (HAS MEAT): 1
Stuffed Squash (HAS MEAT): 1
Succulent Pork Chops (HAS MEAT): 1
Summer Apple Pie (HAS EGGS): 1
Sun Vale Tea: 1
Super Fishy Surprise: 1
Swamp Salad: 1
Sweet and Numb Chicken (HAS MEAT): 1
Sweet-Roasted Pumpkin: 1
Sweet-and-Minty Candy Cane: 1
Tagenite Stack: 1
Tart Applesauce: 1
Tart Candy Cane: 1
Tasty Cranberry Sauce: 1
Tasty Gingerbread Human: 1
Telemea Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 59
Toasted Spriggan Nuts: 1
Top Swamp Steak (HAS MEAT): 1
Tranana: 1
Trearclaw: 1
Treas: 1
Tregetable Steak (HAS MEAT): 1
Tremon: 1
Trish: 1
Turkey Gravy (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Turkey Leg (HAS MEAT): 1
Turkey Peasant-Bake (HAS MEAT): 1
Turkey Pot Pie (HAS MEAT) (HAS DAIRY): 1
Turkey Stir-Fry (HAS MEAT): 1
Ur-Bacon (HAS MEAT): 1080
Urda Cheese (HAS DAIRY): 1
Vegan Nut Barley Bread: 3
Vegetable Masterpiece: 2
Venison Hash (HAS MEAT): 2
Venison Jerky (HAS MEAT): 9
Venison Psi-Mantis Style (HAS MEAT): 1
Venison Roast (HAS MEAT): 2
Vexfish Lettuce Wraps: 1
Watercress Salad: 2
Watermelon Candy: 2
Watery Mushroom Soup: 2
Weird Fruit Cocktail: 1
Welcome Cake (HAS EGGS) (HAS DAIRY): 2
Well-Baked Turkey (HAS MEAT): 1
Winter Salad: 1
Wolfsbane Muffin: 1
Yeti Stick (HAS MEAT): 1

11-24-2019, 08:33 AM
I don't think I saw Gouda cheese in there. I have no idea how to obtain it, but there is a work order for it (although there's also a work order for Mogyar cheese, with no way to obtain more than one yet).

11-24-2019, 11:17 AM
Your list has 394 items. I find 398 total. Haven't figured out which ones are missing.

Meals (246 total):
Item_NameLevelGourmand Requirement
Bottle of Sugar Water00
Wolfsbane Muffin00
Red Apple10
Potato Wedges10
Baked Potato10
Honey Ham10
Fried Clownfish10
Boiled Crab10
Hard-Boiled Egg10
Plain Porridge10
Rahu Rice10
Watery Mushroom Soup10
Perfectly Baked Potato20
Cave Cheese30
Pickled Fish30
Mint Candy Cane30
Large Strawberry50
Onion Rings50
Hash Browns50
Onion Blossom50
Bland Baked Chicken50
Venison Psi-Mantis Style50
Pork Chops with Watercress60
Soft-Boiled Egg70
Clownfish Chowder70
Cactus Juice80
Clownfish Nigiri80
Hard Roll80
Fish and Mushroom Scramble80
Bland Baked Turkey80
Green Apple90
Chicken and Watercress Soup90
Rattus Root100
Boiled Cabbage100
Boring Fruit Cocktail100
Venison Jerky100
Grapefish Steak100
Buttered Baked Potato100
Fairy Puffs100
Clownfish Sushi Roll100
Tart Candy Cane100
Cream of Mushroom Soup100
Fried Lamb Chops100
Fried Potato Sticks100
Secret Rice110
Watercress Salad110
Pork Chops with Grape Jelly120
Bacon Basket130
Leftover Turkey Sandwich130
Scrambled Egg140
Succulent Pork Chops140
Cranberry-Barbecue Mutton140
Venison Roast150
Cheesy Baked Potato150
Cabbage Soup150
Chicken Drumstick150
Laura's Crab Biscuits150
Poached Egg150
Crab Sushi Roll150
Slightly Sub-Par Fruit Cocktail150
Onion Omelet150
Fried Lungfish150
Basic Cranberry Sauce150
Well-Baked Turkey150
Crab Nigiri161
Grapefish and Eggs161
Serbule-Style Lamb Chops172
Turkey Peasant-Bake183
Durstin's Mutton Stew194
Welcome Cake200
Jerky Lembas Brick200
Goblin Wheatbread205
Baked Beets205
Fruit Cocktail205
Breaded Perch with Onions205
Chicken Psi-Mantis Style205
Peasant's Pie205
House Cat205
Grapefish Sushi Roll205
Bland Mutton Vindaloo205
Lungfish Roll205
Cranberry-Turkey Sandwich205
Mokapok Stew216
Lembas Brick227
Grapefish Nigiri249
Durstin's Minty Lamb Chops249
Ranalon Salad249
Alpha Beets250
Weird Fruit Cocktail2510
Orange Perch2510
Glazed Beets2510
Grilled Chicken2510
Venison Hash2510
Black Soup2510
Juicy Ham2510
Gretchen's Millet Bar2510
Orange Cat2510
Sweet-and-Minty Candy Cane2510
Maggoty Ham2510
Rotten Meat2510
Spoiled Rations2510
Tasty Cranberry Sauce2611
Brie Cheese2813
Mutton and Eggs2813
Squash Soup3015
Stuffed Squash3015
Eel Stir-Fry3015
Chicken and Broccoli3015
Laura's Cheesy Beets3015
Loaded Baked Potato3015
Gretchen's Potato Rolls3015
Perch Sushi Roll3015
Eyeball Soup3015
Baked Pig Snout3015
Cranberry-Barbecue Steak3015
Mogyar Cheese3116
Crab Roll3217
Perch Nigiri3217
Candied Heart3217
Camembert Cheese3419
Summer Apple Pie350
Guava Beet Muffin3520
Fried Spider Leg3520
Mantis-Stuffed Mushroom3520
Super Fishy Surprise3520
Bonus Fishy Surprise3520
Cottage Pie3520
Pumpkin Soup3520
Laura Neth's Famous Tart3520
Barley Bread3520
Mushroom Barley Soup3520
Great Bacon3520
Lemon Candy Cane3520
Chicken-Rabbit Rice3520
Mantis-Style Pumpkin Pie3520
Barbecue Rabbit Chops3621
Emmentaler Cheese4025
Broccoli Florets4025
BBQ Ribs4025
Maple-Smoked Shark4025
Lemon-Glazed Chicken4025
Basic Ham Omelet4025
Eel Nigiri4025
Eel Sushi Roll4025
Vegan Nut Barley Bread4025
Sweet and Numb Chicken4025
Winter Salad4025
Mandibles' Dandy Dinner4025
Warden Food4025
Creamy Squash Casserole4126
Mandibles' Perfect Lunch4126
Kraken Calamari4227
Broccoli Squash Bake4227
Maggot Soup4227
All-Flavor Chicken4328
Limburger Cheese4429
Barbecue Chicken4429
Perfectly Baked Turkey4429
Beef and Broccoli4530
Banana Bread4530
Beets 'n Meats4530
Cheesy Veggie Delight4530
Shepherd's Pie4530
Tagenite Stack4530
Spearmint Candy Cane4530
Banana-Almond Pancakes4530
Turkey Pot Pie4530
Casino Stir-Fry4631
Danablu Cheese4833
Cavefish Nigiri4833
Fairy Honey5035
Appenzeller Cheese5035
Maple Carrots5035
Candied Lemon5035
Shark and Crab Kebabs5035
Chicken Casserole5035
Basic Pumpkin Pie5035
Cavefish Sushi Roll5035
Orcish Onion Soup5035
Bone Soup5035
Mountain Mutton5136
Spicy Lemon Cat5136
Snakemeat Wraps5136
Shark Chew5237
Stuffed Bell Pepper5338
Green Vexfish Nigiri5338
Roquefort Cheese5439
Aromatic Chicken5439
Shroom Feast5540
Bacon-Lover's Omelet5540
Orcish Eel5540
Grape Candy Cane5540
Swamp Salad5540
Amazing Cranberry Sauce5540
Vegetable Masterpiece5641
Spicy Cavefish5641
Shark Nigiri5641
Basic Pepperpot5742
Disappointing Corn Surprise5742
Cavefish Supper5742
Spicy Chicken5843
Pepper Venison5944
Magical Candy Cane600
Celebratory Cake600
Grasgot Cheese6045
Cavefish Sticks6045
Fancy Pumpkin Pie6045
Shark Sushi Roll6045
Sweet-Roasted Pumpkin6045
Esgarion Cheese6348
Onion Chicken6348
Fancy Turkey Pie6348
Green Vexfish Sushi Roll6550
Cambozola Cheese6651
Toasted Spriggan Nuts6853
Rustic Meatsterpiece6954
Vexfish Lettuce Wraps7055
Pumpkin Salad7055
Crelpin's Fish Dish7257
Crelpin's Sushi7257
Top Swamp Steak7459
Pumpkin-Spice Cookies7530
Crelpin's Corn Dish7560
Stilton Cheese7661
Tregetable Steak7762
Turkey Stir-Fry7762
Steak and Cheese Wraps8166

Snacks(152 of them):Item_NameLevelGourmand Requirement
Bottle of Milk00
Parasol Mushroom Smoothie00
Gross Candy10
Bottle of Goat Milk20
Raw Egg Blend30
Rabbit Treat30
Candied Apple30
Cottage Cheese40
Fried Mycena Bites40
Mycena Mushroom Smoothie50
Cream Cheese50
Beginner's Buttermilk50
Dried Clownfish50
Strawberry Bowl50
Bland Gingerbread Human50
Prim Cheese60
Fruit Candy70
Apple Shaved Ice80
Laressa's Cheese90
Dried Cranberries90
Boletus Mushroom Smoothie100
Urda Cheese100
Apple Juice100
Mystery Jerky100
Sun Vale Tea100
Dried Grapefish100
Neufchatel Cheese120
Fried Boletus Bites120
Candied Grapes130
Grape Juice130
Mild Cheddar Cheese140
Watermelon Candy140
Field Mushroom Smoothie150
Fried Crab150
Snacking Bread150
Turkey Leg150
Turkey Gravy150
Ricotta Cheese161
Cat Stew Cup161
Strawberry Shaved Ice161
Munster Cheese172
Dried Cave Fish172
Lungfish Kabob172
Cheshire Cheese183
Gloucester Cheese194
Blusher Mushroom Smoothie205
Brunost Cheese205
Ratkin Survival Cheese205
Goblin Stew205
Orange Juice205
Basic Beetle Skewer205
Fairwing Cheese216
Cinnamon Candy216
Cantal Cheese227
Slave's Cheese238
Simple Cranberry Tart238
Sharp Cheddar Cheese249
Grape Shaved Ice249
Milk Cap Mushroom Smoothie2510
Bitter-Mint Tea2510
Dried Perch2510
Brocciu Cheese2611
Strawberry Yogurt2712
Grape Lollipop2813
Blood Mushroom Smoothie3015
Raclette Cheese3015
Fried Banana3015
Fruity Mushy3015
Pumpkin Smoothie3015
Strawberry Ice Cream3015
Casino Kabobs3015
Havarti Cheese3217
Orange Shaved Ice3217
Monterey Jack Cheese3318
Barbecued Mystery Meat3419
Simple Pumpkin Muffin3419
Guava Bowl3520
Mint Ice Cream3520
Mint Lollipop3520
Parmesan Cheese3621
Casino Breakfast3621
Diet Lunch3722
Mozzarella Cheese3823
Cup o' Paralysis3924
Coral Mushroom Smoothie4025
Yeti Stick4025
Nishika's Travel Snack4025
Guava Shaved Ice4025
Tasty Gingerbread Human4025
Deluxe Casino Kabobs4025
Recuperative Soup4025
Pepper Jack Cheese4227
Berry Lollipop4227
Laura's Cheese Biscuits4530
Selaxi's Scorpion Stinger4530
Selaxi's Cactus Mixer4530
Lemon Meringue Pie4530
Haerel Cheese4631
Banana Shaved Ice4833
Butterscotch-Cream Candy4934
Hiral's Citrus Blend5035
Deluxe Beetle Skewer5035
Simple Autumn Gorp5035
Gul Cheese5136
Desert Tea5136
Edam Cheese5237
Orcish Snack Plate5237
Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls5237
Goblin Pasties5237
Beachside Blend5540
Pumpkin Spice Tea5540
Spicy Porcini Bites5540
Ricotta Forte5641
Lemon Shaved Ice5641
Mint-Blueberry Candy5641
Hydration Punch5742
Sirine Cheese5843
Chuma's Agave Secret6045
Pear Shaved Ice6045
Cranberry-Almond Pie6045
Crelpin's Fried Dish6146
Provolone Cheese6247
Lemon Puffs6247
Grape-Strawberry Candy6348
Tart Applesauce6348
Peach Shaved Ice6348
Telemea Cheese6449
Honey-Pumpkin Muffin6449
Autumn Salad6550
Scamorza Cheese6853
Halloumi Cheese7055
Feta Cheese7257
Pixie Pocket7358
Gouda Cheese7459
Pumpkin Donut7530
Crelpin's Fruit Juice7560
Crelpin's Gorp7560
Crelpin's Side Salad7661
Fairy Peach Juice8065
Crelpin's Fruit Salad8065
Crelpin's Tart8368

11-26-2019, 02:16 PM
I found the four missing items:

Gouda Cheese
Pumpkin Donut (Lint_NotObtainable in current version (329))
Stilton Cheese
Warden Food