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05-08-2019, 04:05 AM
I've been spending the past few days collecting as many different deaths as I could possibly get (big thanks to ErDrick, Cyder, Niqesse, Nightz, Rowina, Eazter, and everyone else who helped me) and I have managed to achieve 30 dying (with 3 bonus levels) from this list so I believe it is fairly complete.

I have tried to include the source of each death but my memory is fuzzy on a few such as Murdered by a humanoid foe and Mind jellified by psychic ghost, others may be wrong too but for the most part they should be correct. I also did not include every single possible way to get a death so if you received the death a different way, it does not necessarily mean the listed way is wrong.

I left in the dying numbers as it could suggest how common/rare a certain death is and the ones without numbers at the bottom are the deaths I do not personally have but know about. Also worth noting is that some abilities/mobs can give multiple deaths even on the same attack. For example all orcs can either give their specific death from their attack, e.g. Troopers can give incinerated on their rage attack OR killed by orc. However this is also true for certain abilities such as ice magic chill, druid heart thorn etc.

Also as a side note I have not mixed up the deaths for pumpkin turret and pumpkin bomb, they are actually the wrong way around in game, however this may get fixed in the future.

Deaths (by Cause Of Death):

Alcohol Poisoning: 282 - drink too much alcohol
Anti-regenerated: 30 - get max hp below 0, easiest with iocaine practice dose plus a -max hp item
Arrowed: 31 - most mobs with bows e.g. undead archers
Attack reflected back at self: 19 - reflecting mobs e.g. manticores, beetles in labs, refraction spiders in gk
Bashed with a shield: 1 - any shield bash ability
Bashed with a stick: 4 - most staff abilities or staff using mobs e.g. rakkies, some orcs
Bit by a Fiery Animal: 1 - fire rat normal attack
Bit by a Pumpkin: 1 - pumpkin mimic normal attack (halloween event)
Bitten by a dinosaur: 13 - dinosaur normal attack e.g. deinonychus in crypt
Bitten by a skull with wings glued onto it: 4 - winged flapskull normal attack e.g. in labs
Bitten by diseased animal: 1 - giant bat virulent bite
Bitten repeatedly by swarms of insects: 4 - treant dot damage in rahu sewers
Blasted by Sonic Waves: 2 - sand worm in war cache
Blasted by a sandstorm: 17 - sandstorms in ilmari
Blasted with dark energy: 33 - necromancy life crush or basic attack from necromancy mobs in dark chapel
Blood sucked out of body: 2 - striga blood suck attack
Body temperature spontaneously lowered: 1 - ice magic chill
Bombed with toxic chemicals: 16 - battle chemistry toxin bomb or from chemist rakkies
Bones Shattered: 16 - ogre rage attack or hammer rib shatter
Brain aneurysm due to terrible music: 1 - bard song of discord or disharmony
Breathed Mummy Fumes: 1 - mummy disease attack
Caught a thrown knife in the chest: 1 - knife fighting hamstring throw or fan of blades
Caught a thrown sword in the chest: 8 - general pask ranged attack
Caught in Pumpkin Bomb: 2 - pumpkin turret
Charmed by a lamia: 7 - lamia attack e.g. in labs
Choked on spores: 1 - triffid attack e.g. in war caches, gazluk no name cave
Clubbed On The Head: 1 - trolls in sun vale or hammer seismic impact
Coated in Toxic Grease: 1 - battle chemistry toxic irritant
Coated in electrified dragon spit: 8 - blue drakeworm ranged attack
Complications from soul damage: 1 - necromancy psychic dot
Consumed by insects: 31 - worm enemy dot damage e.g. tor-uraks rage attack
Crossbowed: 1 - crossbow abilities
Crushed by a giant pincer: 8 - scorpion attack e.g. in ilmari, animal town, war caches
Crushed to death: 434 - almost any crushing damage source e.g. hammer pounding slag, rat normal attack, manticore normal attack
Cut By Small Thorns: 1 - druid brambleskin
Deadly Gas: 1 - cow deadly emission
Dehydration: 1 - run out of thirst in ilmari/rahu
Died from mysterious illness: 211 - hold too many glowy yellow crystals
Discomfort: 1 - sword many cuts dot damage
Drowned: 310 - run out of air underwater
Eardrums Exploded: 32 - giant bat smouldering gaze delayed damage
Eardrums exploded due to extreme screaming: 1 - most sonic damage e.g. animal handling shrill command, pig squeal, giant bat screech
Eaten by a worm: 5 - drakeworm in ilmari melee attack
Eggs exploded out of abdomen: 5 - beetle rage attack in labs, note: must die to the delayed damage
Electrocuted By a Portal: 1 - spy portal rage attack in winter nexus
Electrocuted: 121 - any electricity damage source, e.g. mentalism electrify, hammer hurl lightning, spy portals in wn
Engulfed by Sentient Ice Slick: 1 - ice slicks in kur tower
Engulfed in ticks and biting fleas: 1 - deer kick nature dot with mod
Entangled By a Mummy: 6 - mummy wrap attack
Exposure to freezing temperatures: 155 - run out of heat in kur or gazluk
Extremely Loud Music: 1 - bard thunderous note
Eyeballs Melted: 1 - ranalon guardian rage attack
Fatal Fever: 1 - druid delirium
Fatal levels of shame: 3 - most psychology attacks e.g. mock, psychoanalyze
Feet Crushed by Rocks: 1 - ranalon stoneshaper root attack
Fell from great height: 29 - fall a long way and die
Fell from short distance: 10 - fall a short way and die
Fell off the world: 13 - glitch through terrain and fall off world e.g. in winter nexus, yeti cave as bat, wolf cave, dark chapel
Filled with otherworldly shrapnel: 7 - misery yak rage attack, ghostly prisoner in war cache rage attack
Filled with red-hot bone fragments: 1 - suicidal skeleton rage attack
Filleted: 1 - fish gut
Fire spell backfired: 1 - kill self with fire magic e.g. with ring of fire mod
Flesh sloughed off: 1 - druid rotskin trauma dot damage with mod
Food Poisoning: 3 - eat rotten meat, spoiled rations
Forgot how to breathe: 1 - mentalism agonize
Frozen to death: 247 - cold attacks e.g. ice magic ice spear or undead ice mages
Headbutted to death: 1 - unarmed headbutt
Heart attack after attacking a cow: 1 - cow tough hoof
Heart attack: 2 - psychology you were adopted or hulking gel
Heart became undead: 1 - khyrulek's true form curse
Hit by a rock: 70 - yeti thrower or tor-urak's ranged attacks
Hit by a whip-like tail: 11 - cockatrice tail attack
Hit with a Shovel: 1 - spade assault
Hypnotic Suggestion: 1 - bard entrancing lullaby
Impact from being thrown: 20 - unarmed hip throw or tor-urak knockback attack
Impacted with large opponent: 1 - unarmed body slam
Impaled on Flying Bones: 3 - skeleton darkweaver in windy view cave
Incinerated by a stationary flame source: 1 - fire magic fire wall
Incinerated by an Inscrutable Intelligence: 1 - yeti cave orb if you tell it you killed yetis
Incinerated: 314 - almost all fire magic attacks or skeleton firemages etc
Infested with fungus: 1 - spore bomb or battle chemistry mycotoxin formula
Innards teleported into a distant cloud: 1 - organ displacement
Innards teleported into a distant volcano: 1 - organ displacement
Innards teleported into the sea: 1 - organ displacement
Internal Organs Removed By Ghost: 15 - ghost normal attack
Internal bleeding: 16 - trauma dot damage from yeti throwers, unarmed mamba strike
Ironically killed by a restorative arrow: 1 - archery restorative arrow
Kicked by a Rabbit: 1 - rabbit bun-fu blitz
Kicked to death: 27 - unarmed kick or rakkies
Killed by a Class 4 Nature Spirit: 1 - sedgewick normal attack
Killed by a Droach: 5 - droach in dark chapel
Killed by a haunting spirit: 2 - ursula who spawns with curse
Killed by a mollusc: 4 - snail e.g. in crypt
Killed by a rune of power: 2 - exploding traps e.g. in crypt
Killed by a self-destructing automaton: 10 - golem self-destruct ability or rarely self-sacrifice
Killed by a sentient weather phenomenon: 1 - tornado e.g. myconian cave or goblin dungeon fog
Killed by a spider: 25 - spider normal attack e.g. in crypt, starter island
Killed by a worm: 1 - worm death e.g. tor-urak
Killed by an Orc: 196 - orcs in gk/kur
Killed by an aberration: 22 - nightmare monsters in goblin dungeon, boarded up basement
Killed by an angry insect: 1 - mantis rage attack
Killed by an enraged humanoid foe: 2 - cultist in eltibule/dark chapel rage attack
Killed by an enraged mollusc: 1 - snail rage attack
Killed by an enraged undead: 5 - undead rage attack
Killed by an exploding animal: 1 - exploding sheep in kur/crypt
Killed by an insane cultist: 17 - insane cultist normal attack, lunatic archer wolf cave
Killed by an insane swordsman: 4 - cultist swordsman in dark chapel
Killed by an insect: 1 - mantis melee attack
Killed by cattle: 3 - cow in eltibule or player cow
Killed by the living dead: 91 - undead
Krakened: 1 - kraken from serbule druid event or admin spawn
Leg bones snapped by zombie hands protruding from the ground: 4 - necromancy death's hold or from necromancy mobs in dark chapel
Loss of blood: 21 - dot damage from grimalkin or dinosaurs, dot damage from sword hacking blade
Loss of motor control: 2 - cockatrice rage attack
Lovetapped Too Hard: 1 - rabbit love tap
Made to Feel Totally Irrelevant: 1 - lieutenant rage attack in gk
Mangled by a gigantic skeleton: 1 - nameless guardian in crypt
Mauled by a pack of wild animals: 26 - wolf cave wolf pack attack
Mauled by a wild animal: 1485 - most animals
Mauled by an animal's rage attack: 270 - most animals rage attack
Mind shattered by a burst of incredible pain: 3 - mentalism pain bubble or lomas rage attack
Murdered by a humanoid foe: 1 - ???
Murdered by seafood: 1 - kraken from serbule druid event or admin spawn
Organs liquified by poison: 32 - manticore poison
Panic-attack while ensnared: 1 - archery snare arrow
Pecked by a Hippogriff: 1 - beakhorse in gk
Pecked to death by an angry bird: 1 - ice runner rage attack in kur tower
Perforated: 250 - piercing damage e.g. arrow attacks from skeleton archers, sword heart piercer
Physical contact with raw unlife: 31 - face of death in borghild, rahu
Played with a Sentient Ooze: 4 - slime in carpal tunnels, gk
Poisoned weapon: 4 - poison blade or archery poison arrow or knife fighting venom strike
Poisoned with Iocaine: 6 - eat iocaine powder or iocaine poisoned food
Poisoned: 401 - slug poison dot, spider inject venom
Psychic Encephalitis: 19 - mentalism mind reave or mentalism agonize self-damage
Pulverized by a Golem: 22 - golem in borghild/gk/labs
Pummeled partially into another dimension: 5 - misery yak normal attack
Punched to death: 109 - unarmed jab/punch/bruising blow or rakkies
Ravaged by forces of nature: 43 - druid cosmic strike or kraken
Ravaged by unnatural winds: 4 - giant bat wing vortex
Realized that life is meaningless: 2 - necromancy deathgaze
Rebuked by the Goddess of Warmth: 2 - priest flamestrike
Ripped apart by giant hooks: 1 - hook monsters e.g. in crypt, kur tower
Rotted From Within: 1 - druid rotflesh
Scolded by the Goddess of Hope: 1 - priest castigate
Scratched by a rabbit: 1 - rabbit scratch/thump/bun-fu strike
Shot By a Pumpkin: 1 - pumpkin bomb
Shot by a ballista: 3 - ballistas outside gk
Slashed by a Treant: 16 - treant in rahu sewers normal attack
Slashed by an illusion that was somehow all too real: 1 - giant bat confusing double
Slashed to death by angry plant: 1 - triffid rage attack
Slashed to pieces: 360 - most sword deaths also undead swordsmen
Slowly cooked alive: 79 - fire dot damage e.g. drakeworms, droaches
Soul absorbed by dark altar: 1 - font of darkness in dark chapel by haridius the exemplary
Soul consumed by giant bat: 1 - giant bat drink blood
Soul ripped from body to fuel another: 9 - striga or necromancy life steal
Splashed with acid: 118 - acid damage e.g. slimes, spider spit acid
Stabbed with a knife: 1 - knife fighting gut/fending blade
Stabbed with Ice Shards: 1 - ice magic shardblast
Staked through the heart: 1 - stake the heart
Stroke: 1 - willpower gel
Sudden Freezing Temperatures: 1 - battle chemistry freezing mist
Suicide by Immolation: 1 - stand in fire on altar
Suicide by Poison: 389 - drink fuel oil/ink
Surprised by Tragic Lullaby: 1 - bard entrancing lullaby delayed damage
Swam in acid: 1 - acid pool in carpal tunnel
Terrified to Death: 1 - psychology cause terror
Torn to bits by a dinosaur: 47 - dinosaur attack
Touched Something Electrified: 1 - warden privacy field
Touched by a word of power: 4 - word of power death
Unknown cause of death: 1 - 0xp but priest corrupt hate at the moment gives this death
Unnaturally Aged: 1 - anhinda (halloween boss in gk)
Vines In Veins: 1 - druid heart thorn
Willpower consumed by a plant: 1 - triffid attack

Deaths I do not have but confirmed:

Smote by admin - admin smite
Mind jellified by psychic ghost - ??? (not empusa)
Hacked to pieces with a silver weapon - use simple silver knife as a wolf

Other deaths either listed on wiki or theoretically possible (note: not correct names for deaths necessarily):

Muscle Spasms - bleeding/agonizing speed potion but not possible anymore
Healed to death - seemingly not possible
Slain by own magic - seemingly not possible
Pet abuse - animal handling unnatural wrath death on pets but no way to get on a player
Over agitation - necromancy provoke undead death on pets but no way to get on a player
Spontaneously exploded - ???
Heart attack while angry - sword heart piercer, rage gets converted to extra trauma damage, but there's no way to get rage on a player

05-08-2019, 04:28 AM
Did you use the list from the Wiki (http://wiki.projectgorgon.com/wiki/Deaths), and how complete are they compared to each other?

05-08-2019, 04:51 AM
I have every death from the wiki in my list plus more, but Spontaneously exploded is the one wiki death that I can't seem to figure out at all. I also noticed when compiling my list that the wiki was wrong for a few such as listing murdered by seafood as a fish gut death and was also missing how to get quite a few of the deaths.

05-08-2019, 10:00 AM
Thanks for doing this, these kind of lists are always helpful.

An upto date notoriety and gourmand list would be helpful too.

05-09-2019, 11:28 AM
but Spontaneously exploded is the one wiki death...

Spontaneous Fireball?

05-10-2019, 03:28 AM
Spontaneous Fireball?

Unfortunately that just gives the generic fire damage death, Incinerated.

06-04-2019, 02:11 PM
Just a quick update, 30 dying is possible and my updated list in the op should be able to get you there. I probably won't bother updating this list anymore now since 30 was all I was trying to get.

06-04-2019, 02:46 PM
Impressive :)

Do you get a new tombstone model?

06-05-2019, 01:40 AM
Do you get a new tombstone model?

Unfortunately not :(
I did put in a suggestion to add some new tombstones when I saw that I was still stuck with the same old one from lvl 20.

06-05-2019, 10:35 AM
... I was still stuck with the same old one from lvl 20.

Hey, it took me years to get that level 20 tombstone and it's beautiful! ;) (I think it's 21, actually?? Either way: )

Congrats on level 30!!

06-05-2019, 12:15 PM
This is a lot of great into that'll eventually make its way into the wiki. Some of the 'not sures' need more investigation from people. The Haridius The Exemplary rage attack gives 'Blasted with dark energy' and the normal attack is boring electricity. As I'm someone now after Dying exp, Heart became undead is one of the tricky ones because its kind of an unknown (might be a gargoyle attack ?).

Because Celerity found some deaths more recently, I imagine there are a few skill specific deaths from mods that are still hidden. Soo... keep dying citizens!
Khyrulek's True Form -->Heart became undead

02-26-2020, 05:07 AM
I remember mentions a long time ago that there were deaths from:

drinking black dye

A little on the expensive side to test without confirmation however.

Also I am wondering.....
I spent 12 minutes recently casting ring of fire with mods to deal damage to yourself in combat (fire dmg). It failed to trigger and I had 2 mods on my gear for it.

01-19-2021, 07:36 PM
No idea where it comes from but I have "Melted by Acid 1" in my death list which is not in your - thanks for this list super helpful :)

01-19-2021, 08:40 PM
This list is a bit outdated, it still has most of them but missing the fairy magic deaths for example.

I made the thread originally mostly to get feedback because if I just put it straight on the wiki, I wouldn't know what I missed or got wrong. Niph was kind enough to add all of them to the wiki though and that's the actual updated list now, so I recommend checking that out:


That being said, I've never heard of the melted by acid death and it doesn't look like it's on the wiki either, so I'd love to know where it comes from.

01-20-2021, 06:59 PM
Found it and put it on the wiki, it's from the delayed damage on a scray's rage attack.