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03-30-2019, 04:08 PM
for winter gear in Kur, the insulated gear you can barter for has 60 Max Body Heat Points (total) and Decent Winter Gear (enchanted) that you craft only has 17 Max Body Heat Points (total).

The insulated set would have more if the pants had any. Also the crafted pants dont have any Max Body Heat Points.

The Indirect Cold Damage reductions on insulated set is +5 total and on Crafted Decent Winter Gear(enchanted) has total of +3 since the boots and gloves dont have any at all.

Insulated set has total armor of 256
Crafted set has total armor of 219

The missing stats on both pants may be in error along with the crafted boots and gloves.

I decided to post it here in case it wasnt an error. What do you think?

03-31-2019, 03:02 AM
I have no clue if your figures are correct but I'll take it they are.
Pants have never given as much Cold protection as the winter coats as far as I know.

If I recall correctly Kur used to be cold but not as cold as it is now.
When it grew colder it become apparent that perhaps many of the newer players who wished to go there could not craft good enough cold protection gear.

The gear you can buy from the vendors was added to give those with lesser trade skills a way to get something that would get them out there.

The decent winter you can craft that you refer to are the lowest lvl available to craft, there are higher lvl winter coats that add more body heat points and armor etc.

As to if the items could be better balanced or tuned in a more reasonable way, perhaps they could but to most they are used whilst needed and soon dropped for better suiting stuff.

It's been years since much of this happened so my memory of it maybe incorrect, also as to the reasoning etc I have given that is just my best guess from someone who was around at the time of introduction.

03-31-2019, 07:39 AM
There is so many good treasure in the lv 50-65 zone that never make it to lv 70, there's a hammer treasure that ends at lv 50 it has a +8% to electrical damage and a lv 70 hammer does less electrical damage than the lv 50 with that treasure, go figure. As for the winter gear I had noticed the difference on some of the pieces but doesn't surprise me the lower level of gear better than end game.

04-01-2019, 10:27 AM
The winter and insulated pants both boost indirect cold damage reduction. That means that even though they don't keep you warm if you get to a point where you're freezing to death you'll freeze to death more slowly. Not great for outdoor combat, but helps if you're just running around to gather things/explore.

The insulated pants being better than crafted doesn't surprise me that much. The items you barter for the pants are items you find throughout kur, so, if you don't already have the ability to survive the cold how would you get them? Especially if you want to barter until you get a higher rarity in which case you'll want multiples. Also the bartered gear is set at a specific level so while you lose out on armor and body heat from crafted you can scale them up or start using them at a lower level (I believe the bartered is 45 so crafted 40 means you can start earlier and crafted 50 would have stronger mods)