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Rick Sanchez
09-20-2018, 11:32 AM
Ive maxed out Treasure Cartography (http://wiki.projectgorgon.com/wiki/Treasure_Cartography) and have gone through all the usual methods for getting rumors. Here is what Ive gotten through so far.

For acquiring treasure rumors the fastest way to date has been by running around and digging up graves in Eltibule. From experience the rumor level: Small, Large, Vast, Incredible does not depend on the type of grave (Shallow, Very Old) as its a random chance. For best return if I'm doing this Ill usually have corpse talking going as well to get the most out of the time it takes to run through the zone and dig up as many as possible.

Ive tried the use of the altars and sacrifices to get rumors as well but that tends to take a bit longer and you have to know which ones to go to and that can be tedious if your just looking for some grinding time.

I like to keep rumors till I have about 15 to do all at once on the short end as they stack to 5 in rumor form (though go single stack once you make a map out of them) just so I am prepared for the return of 1-3 items per small treasure, up to 4 for large, up to 5 for the others that Ive experienced though not sure if that is different with updates. For my ink and paper needs I usually pick them all up in Serbule as Joeh has all you need in his items for sale and favor with him is pretty much standard practice for most players. Then off to either Eltibule or Ilmari for the hunting as those are the two zones that have it open at the moment.

Useful notes:

Be sure to remember unlike mining there is no speed bonus so just be sure to take your time.

If your in a steep hill area try to find a level spot to dig it up as sometimes the treasure box can spawn inside of the terrain and that is a known issue that will mean you cant actually collect your loot.

For water treasure make sure you know where your headed and watch your air meter. You can only use a map to dig it up if your on ground so if your floating at the top of the lake it wont allow you to get the treasure.

Loot for the most part will be for your active skills when you open the treasure box but it also has the chance to be for other skills so you might end up selling things you get.

09-20-2018, 01:10 PM
I just wanted to add two things to your post:

1) When I do treasure hunt, I buy more parchment and ink than rumors, because you will often find graves while on the way to digging up treasure from prior maps. This allows you to make maps on the go instead of running back to Serbule once you're finished with your stack

2) In terms of chests being stuck in hills, I have found that if you're on the spot where the chest is located, simply turn 180 degrees so that you face away from the hill, then double-click the map. That lets you open the chest without its goodies becoming lost forever

I feel like the Very Old Graves only affect Corpse Talking, but it'd be nice if they affected Treasure Cartography as well.

Other than that, excellent information! I didn't even consider the statues.

09-21-2018, 10:05 AM
And if you happen to spawn Olugax The Ever-Pudding.....make sure you brought a big enough spoon!

Rick Sanchez
10-01-2018, 11:56 AM
Just wanted to give an update that there are very small amounts of spawns of shallow graves showing up in Serbule and Serbule Hills now so if you see them there its a great way to early on get to digging up some corpses for possible maps.

10-04-2018, 08:01 PM
It so good! Wonderful experience.