View Full Version : Macbook Pro - Iris1536 Graphics - Performance?

07-06-2018, 07:30 AM
I work away from home a lot and I would like to be able to play the game on my laptop for couple of hours on an evening, so can anyone give advice as to how the following hardware would perform :
MacBook Pro
Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013
Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel Iris 1536 MB

Is anyone playing on a similar system?

07-06-2018, 11:25 AM
The Intel video chips tend to use on-board memory, and if you use a i5 can run out of memory. The newest versions of the game have been creating a lesser memory footprint so it's possible it's working again.

I only have i7s to test with - I play the game mostly on a 2013 Air with an Intel 5000 Graphics and 1.7G i7. I don't get good graphics, but neither do I need to play on the crippled settings, either.