View Full Version : Anyone else like reading light novels or books and if so from where and what kind

06-19-2018, 02:06 AM
I usually read off royalroad and novelupdates for alot of free fiction books I do order books for kindle buy litrpg books from since they are cheaper and easier to have on hand then a physical book

books Ive read all the eragon books that didnt make it to the movie theaters

The Legend of Drizzt series currently still reading

Chaos Seeds Series still reading

And the dark sword trilogy

other ones are semi that are from novelupdates and royal road are
My MCV and Doomsday
I shall seal the heavens

ect:booklist is to long to put on one post and kinda not worth the time even when im having a hard time sleeping 5:13 am in ohio right

Ps. Not alot of young people like me even when I was in highschool 3 years ago like reading kinda sad had a kid refuse to do a test till it was read to him cuz he hated reading I kinda fear for the next generation

06-24-2018, 12:35 PM
Missed this post, sry for late reply.

I go through phases of reading tons and not reading at all.
I've read lots on Royalroad I think Iron Teeth is my Favorite book there perhaps excluding the unfinished Forgotten Conqueror (upon checking its being worked on again).
Below is a link to wuxia world that has tons of books. Many are so big I burn out on them.

I still read Rebirth of the Thief who roamed the world as its translated. Release the witch was good too.

Read lots of moonlight sculptor also of course.

Ark is a good read also you'll find that on novelupdates I think.

The Vasily Mahanenko Shaman series is pretty good.

The Terry Mancour Spellmonger series is worth a look.

Kevin Hearne's Druid Chronicles is Fantastic.

John Nest's Zectas series should be checked out.

I think the 3 Brent Roth books are my favourite lit rpgs though the series remains unfinished. I prefer them to the choas seed series which I've read all of.

Those are all either Lit RPG or at least fantasy based without going into the classic stuff like Brooks,Eddings,MCaffery and Gemmell etc.


A few others if you fancy a change.

Griff Hosker's Napoleonic series, DragonHeart and English Knight series are excellent the rest I'm yet to read. Is similar to the more well known Bernard Cornwall.

The star Force series by Aer-Ki Jyr is great.

This is a link to Worm thats an Excellent story that as far as I know is only available here.


There is an older post where myself and Hood and others spoke on same subject you may find a few more things there

This maybe of use too https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/litrpg