View Full Version : Im not a big computer tech person but my dad is is it possible to use transition soft

05-06-2018, 11:18 PM
Long ago in a galaxy far far away I asked my dad is it possible to combine to different types of code and force it to work together and he said yeah with transition software

Im not a big computer tech person but my dad is is it possible to use transition software to switch the games code to another up to date engine I probably sound like a idiot but if you switch to a newer version of unity or even another engine to run the game all together maybe it will make graphics and coding caps go up I know that it probably isn't that easy but I would rather use the vague knowledge I know to help jog some ideas to make stuff easier for devs and maybe speed up improvements

also if this is possible copy all the key codings for the game and make duplicate test data to test it out so you dont have to shut down the game for months the then experiment to see if this improves or makes the lag or bugs worse

Ps: Also I know coding is hard af but I would rather say something semi productive that I feel would be helpful then keep quiet

05-07-2018, 03:35 AM
Unfortunately, changing the engine would be a massive undertaking which would essentially equate to starting over. It's not on the table and even if it was, it wouldn't necessarily equate to a better product.

As far as Unity itself, we are progressive in updating Project: Gorgon to the latest version(s).

When you look at the crux of the issue, it's boils down to optimizations.

Typically, mainline optimizations come later in development - once you've finalized game systems. That said, now that we have a more sizable population, we've been identifying areas for improvement and have implemented several optimization related updates.

We will continue to monitor and make improvements, but it's something that will be improved in increments as there are no 'quick fixes'.

05-07-2018, 05:43 AM
I figured that was the case cuz if it was that easy you would probably done it already sigh..... thank you for the quick reply now my inner ocd wont keep bothering me to post this to find out if it will work or not the bad thing about me is if I get set on doing something it bugs the living crap out me in my mind intill I do it... which I dont know if thats good or bad lol