View Full Version : Quick question about Project Gorgon Shop packages

03-13-2018, 10:27 AM
Hi I just wanted to get some clarification regarding the packages still available on Project Gorgon's Shop.

For the Horseback Explorer package, the Kickstarter states "An exclusive backer mount skin will be created and available to players once they obtain the horseback riding skill in-game. All backers at the Horseback Explorer level or higher will receive the mount as soon as available." Will this exclusive backer skin only be available for those who contributed for the now ended Kickstarter, or basically is the Gorgon Shop package variant going to provide the same exclusive skin or a normal obtainable Horse skin?

Also the Patron package boasts "special access to two rare Teleportation locations." Will these teleportation locations only be obtainable this way, or will it provide easy access to two teleportation spots that are simply harder to obtain?

Thanks for your time! Good luck on the Steam Launch, so excited to be entering beta!