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  1. Multiple Guilds
  2. PG on Linux
  3. Project: Gorgon Linux Launcher (Unofficial)
  4. Druid Life Assets
  5. Is Jab 1 still in the game?
  6. Suggestions.
  7. Change Name
  8. FOOD Help
  9. in game speech
  10. Underwater Motherlodes have to go.
  11. Civic Pride and litter
  12. Spring Boost and Flight
  13. Updating Calligraphy and Meditation
  14. Suggestion/Idea for Guild Website Enhancements
  15. Game Mechanics specifically mob strength
  16. Guild Wars 1 Mission & Bonus concept
  17. Poetry
  18. Newbies + graphics issues
  19. Leadership skill
  20. linux tips
  21. Screen Shots not saving to computer
  22. Game Sound Volume
  23. Animal Town NPCs still rejecting me.
  24. Necromancy Wish List
  25. Storage on Anagoge island
  26. Make Your Character Live Forever
  27. Gorgon Shop Package: Beast Form Friendly?
  28. Demonstration of the "superman bug"
  29. Remove abilities from quick slots like items from inventory
  30. Mouselook and random instantaneous microsecond framerate drops.
  31. Project: Gorgon on Linux
  32. Updating Game
  33. Request for "Do Favor" and "Training" NPC options
  34. Project: Gorgon Support - Troubleshooting - Read First!
  35. Different lycanthropy forms!
  36. Racial benefits for current Races
  37. Pretty bad performance in pretty good PC
  38. Lycanthropy half forms
  39. Newbie experience suggestions: bright armour and 'journals' quest
  40. Teleportation suggestions
  41. Yellow Crystal/Gazluk Chest change
  42. Marketplace Section - Forums - Or in-game - Or both
  43. Inventory storage is the biggest problem this game has
  44. Suggestions for GIU and looting / DOT issues
  45. How do I reset my UI? Windows are off screen.
  46. Native Controller support
  47. registerered, didn't get confirmation. its beedn 16 hours
  48. Death penalties, damaged gear and lost tombstones
  49. Account auth and ingame name
  50. player-vendor stalls
  51. teleport
  52. temporary re-spawn
  53. Freezing Game - Troubleshooting doesn't help, Need suggestions
  54. Suggestion: Log Ins, and settings
  55. /camp
  56. An alternate source of Guano
  57. Pottery
  58. Indiegogo Backer, How Do I link Account to Pledge
  59. Corpse talking not working
  60. Suggestion: Psychology Skills
  61. Mining
  62. New player valuables guide
  63. A Few More Suggestions
  64. Bowyer
  65. Graphics Glitch in Carpal Tunnels (aka Underhand)
  66. Race Course with a Twist
  67. Scavanger Hunt
  68. An overly long list of my useless feedback to torture your eyes.
  69. Salvaging
  70. A mute button / checkbox
  71. Gadgeteering
  72. Traveller's Trinkets/Treasures [Guild Credit Alternative for the Guildless]
  73. Cannot Download!
  74. Dieties, vessils, and conduits
  75. Sorting the Quest List
  76. Game Crashing
  77. skill/s selection for weapon/armor/jewelry
  78. Crossbow
  79. Calligraphy
  80. Camera/Movement. Please help.
  81. Need a donation box in Serb
  82. Game crashes
  83. Expected large number of mobs in Gaz zone or is there an issue with the spawns?
  84. Fire Magic Fix
  85. An NPC, master of storage
  86. Smelting
  87. Can't Log In
  88. Lab crash issue..and partial work around
  89. Camera viewing angle resetting.
  90. Comraderie - Bringing people together
  91. Is it too easy to fill work orders with alts?
  92. Saddles for Player Animals
  93. Fundraising suggestion
  94. Unable to Download Update?
  95. Some UI suggestions
  96. A totally Legit suggestion
  97. [UI] too small font - hard to read
  98. Problems with the PC launcher
  99. Ideas for a healthier game economy
  100. Crafting UI Request
  101. Stuttering/Choppiness
  102. Dwarven Culture (Warning strong language)
  103. My friend cannot log into his account period, forums/game.
  104. New Class Suggestion
  105. Can I be a Bee Pleasssse?
  106. Utility Pets
  107. Clan TCD: First Impressions, Ideas, and a Review
  108. The In Game Cursor
  109. Another loot lock suggestion
  110. Need login help.
  111. seriously tips of gameplay
  112. Suggestions (Nothing to be Offended by)
  113. When trying to log in, "Wrong status (Nothandshook)"
  114. change the spelling of my ingame name
  115. How about Steam?
  116. Installation errors
  117. Fairy Wings?
  118. Walking Stick, Staff Stance!
  119. Why I Think the Druid Emergency Events Should Change
  120. Where may I upload a file?
  121. Bard
  122. Idea/Suggestion ; new skills/abilities
  123. Item Search feature
  124. Model / Icon submissions process?
  125. Cosmetic equips and appearance altering?
  126. May 9 Update on Mac's
  127. May 9 Update: Linux
  128. The new Serbule Feedback: (internal Screaming) (ne player explorationspoiler warning)
  129. Should'nt there be an interrogation point?
  130. Any Way to Reclaim Guest Character?
  131. Forum Steam Question?
  132. Food shouldn't be a part of itemization
  133. Alcohol Connoisseur Skill
  134. Suggestion: Free Camera Look
  135. Links to Craftable materials from basic ingeridents window icons
  136. Ensouled Gear
  137. NPC and System Hints and Suggestions - possible spoilers!
  138. Account Problem
  139. Could someone please unlink my Steam account?
  140. Can't login to one character
  141. CPU overheating after recent update
  142. Graphics Settings
  143. Uploading Images
  144. The perfect skill to go with that new skill
  145. Where is the love?
  146. Vampire Bunnies!
  147. More Cowbell (Instruments for Beasts to become bards)
  148. Suggestion: Custom-labeled containers or tags for storage
  149. cant create an account need help!! asheons call darktide player
  150. Long time player. Cannot get into ANY portal now.. only started today
  151. Gardening - Some Ideas to Make it More Fun
  152. Regarding upcoming races
  153. Not Recognizing Kickstarter Info
  154. Cant completely log in.
  155. Make It So We Can Add Our Own Necromancy Gems To Our Equipment
  156. Functional use-ability
  157. Suggestion: Food + Gourmand Flavor Text
  158. Suggestion: Make Fainor a Storage and Consignment NPC
  159. Aquatic/Amphibious Animal or race
  160. Which Ports to open
  161. Widgets too small.
  162. Suggestions: Ice Magic
  163. List of known bugs?
  164. Spinning around ; Lag
  165. Suggestion: Make animal forms available like new races.
  166. Cannot log in...game crashed
  167. Suggestion: ERMAGERD GLUEMAKING!!!
  168. Please clarify Beta/Launch for us
  169. macOS graphics problem
  170. Cannot login- My username does not exist?
  171. Need Weapons for Bats
  172. Mouse not working in-game after install
  173. Inventory, Banking, and Travel
  174. Player mounting.
  175. We need a well in New Prestonbule
  176. Monster Races
  177. Suggestion: Mixed Skill (i.e. Fire Magic + Sword Skills)
  178. Necro Gems Not Needed To Use Necromancy At A Certain Level
  179. Chat Interface Upgrade Suggestions
  180. Main hand/off hand weapons
  181. Notoriety & Potential Hardcore Challenges
  182. Orbiting Gems
  183. Screenshot Issue
  184. Ever Since I Joined A Guild Trade Chat Has Completely Disappeared
  185. Increase The Amount Of Oak Resource Nodes And Dont Make Them So Scatterd
  186. Secret Combat Classes By Having A Certain Level In 2 Or 3 Skills Unlock a Hidden
  187. Tool Ring That Holds Saw.Shovel,Skinning Knife And Combines Them All Into One Item
  188. Trying to lock the frame rate but its not working...
  189. Importance of combat skill leveling and lack of incentives
  190. Put Violins In The Game
  191. Make gardening more comfortable visually
  192. Teleportation Pads Suggestion
  193. Newbie experience and spoilers
  194. New visuals blurry?
  195. Not Everyone Should Get Everything
  196. Able To Name Loadouts To Help Remind Us Of What We Set It Up For
  197. Poetry recital
  198. Suggestion: Cold resistance "augments" for existing gear
  199. cannot log in
  200. How do you feel about Knife being off-hand?
  201. Over Powered and Under Tuned
  202. Add more potions to alchemy and make a uncap for it
  203. Resources spawn rate problem and possible quick fix
  204. Mobs stuck
  205. Something is wrong with metal wolf armor
  206. cant start game
  207. Bleddyn is nowhere to be found
  208. Crafting
  209. Make red books and blue books like hearts and spleens like in necro
  210. Suggestion: PvP Ideas
  211. Loot frequency and game style
  212. Suggestion: Loot/Item highlights or filters
  213. Opt-in for reputation
  214. Craftable Swords And Shields
  215. Suggestion for another event
  216. ice magic question
  217. New instruments
  218. Trade Window not working
  219. Crafting Skill+
  220. Rubberbanding / lag
  221. Some game suggestions
  222. Game server up yet?
  223. Server down again?
  224. A way to fix the map?
  225. Necromancy+
  226. Question to Skill Makers.
  227. Blacksmithing+
  228. Gadgeteering+
  229. Brewing suggestion
  230. Trade section on forums so we can chat on forums and post what we want to buy
  231. Exploding sheep and body heat loss
  232. A few QoL suggestions
  233. Player Housing and Additions
  234. Game will not launch
  235. Skills - Rate progression and specializing
  236. Gui?
  237. New Transmutation is a mess (visually)
  238. Question about keyboard key commands
  239. Work Orders board in Hogans keep
  240. Advanced Classes?
  241. Thread Based Exploration
  242. UI Question on "Stuff to Do" section
  243. Weird Blur effect / After images when turning
  244. Changing drives
  245. Control Bowls
  246. Glassblowing
  247. Animal form and soulmates
  248. Food - meat - cooking
  249. Threat dumps for pet skill lines
  250. Oct 31st Log In