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  1. Newbie Beast Form Suggestions and Feedback (Cow, Mainly)
  2. Lycanthropy
  3. Naaa
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  5. Pack discussion of Lycan abilities
  6. When Pigs Fly
  7. In game moon cycles
  8. Hands and skills?
  9. How to be a Bat?
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  11. Lycanthropy, Full Moon, Altar of Norala & Progression
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  14. New Beast Form Ideas.
  15. Beast Forms: Merge Skills and Modifiers Suggestion.
  16. Spider form and newbie question
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  19. Appearance-Changing Armor
  20. Best way to level up beast speech?
  21. Still waiting for Brain Bug Form
  22. Pig/Druid?
  23. Fly speed vs ground speed
  24. A cool feature i wish the game had.
  25. Any guesses on next possible beast form?
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  27. Death of the beast forms
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  29. Warden Coordinated Assault Bugs
  30. Is Warden a valid combination with Weather Witch?
  31. Feedback on Deer /Warden post June23 patch