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  1. New Player Guide
  2. [Resource] Skills Compatibility Chart
  3. Path of the Muntok Fist (Unarmed)
  4. Will we have these skill in game?
  5. Armor Patching Bug
  6. Teleportation Reagents?
  7. Scion of Norala special appearances!
  8. Druid Questions
  9. Agonize
  10. Where's my rage meter?
  11. Pet Upgrades
  12. Animal Handling & Grouping (and some random thoughts)
  13. Poetry Reading Feedback and Bug Discussion
  14. Skill combos
  15. Crafted Gear
  16. Guano
  17. Dev Question re animal skills
  18. How to get Calligraphy?
  19. Animal handling: anyone know what this means?
  20. Bat smoldering gaze
  21. Questions for any BARD mains out there
  22. How is Ice Magic late game?
  23. Sword and board
  24. Skills that compliment Druid
  25. Bard and?
  26. Make sense to focus?
  27. Another newb (noob) question
  28. Raven Black Hero (Sword/Necro) Build
  29. Odd animal taming thingamabob
  30. For the Ice mages!
  31. Augmentation noob questions
  32. Animal Handling
  33. Howl is grrrr
  34. Druid and battle chemistry weapons
  35. How to raise Endurance?
  36. Basic Arrow Shafts (Organic Recipe) where to find?
  37. How much exp is 1 - 50 levels on most crafting skills?
  38. Two abilities would benefit from some "help"
  39. Cartography: Map Completion Percentage
  40. transmutation question
  41. Make Prostitution a misc skill in game like dying. Please read well thought out,
  42. Animal forms...^^
  43. Corpse Talking
  44. Supporting a Prime via an Alt
  45. Leveling Wind Instruments
  46. Leveling support lines is a chore
  47. After Soul Mate, need 9.000.000+++
  48. Assessment - because being a know it all is fun
  49. Treasure Hunting
  50. Iocaine Resistance - Inhale this, but do not touch.
  51. What are your tips for more effective gardening?
  52. I believe the scarcity of entry-level scrolls and skillbooks breaks progression
  53. New skill : Feign Death
  54. A cool skill I wish the game had...
  55. Full Gourmand list. Gorgon Food
  56. DoTs vs. Burst
  57. Crossbow and mainhand skills
  58. We can do what we want but did the devs intend on certain skills being paired?
  59. Explosive Runes need to drop from 55-70
  60. Power Leveling Gourmound Using Crafted Food Guide Warning Spoilers
  61. Priest Offers Too much vs Other 'healing class' Options
  62. Full time healer - plausible or wasteful?
  63. Teleportation Experience
  64. Dying List
  65. x% Favor from gifts
  66. Estimating the Value of Mitigation
  67. Gourmet Cooking (Aka. Cooking with cheese)
  68. Need Recipes for Astounding Wooden Deer/Cow shoes
  69. General Thorns Discussion
  70. What to take with Animal Handling?
  71. Animal Handling working strangely
  72. [ARCHERY] New/Previously unseen Bow Mod
  73. Animal handling / Lycan - sick'em and special trick - how to use em properly?
  74. Can we talk about crossbows?
  75. Trying to compile a list of all the Animal Handling pet skill here.
  76. The design behind "Tanking"
  77. Sub skill re rolling /fairy magic+ transmutation feedback
  79. Does none know how mitigation is calculated?
  80. Cow highest possible damage
  81. Lycanthropy Altar Skills + Wolf Form
  82. Different types of evasion?
  83. Lore List
  84. The Arcane Paladin Guide - Skills, Gear, and Other Misc Stuff
  85. The NEW Arcane Paladin Guide - Now With Extra Glitter!
  86. Lets Talk - Autodidacticism *Equips Flame Shield*
  87. Animal Husbandry
  88. Why the majority of tanks run Staff/Shield
  89. Fixing Goblinese
  90. Arcane Paladin Guide - Tips, Gear, and More!
  91. Hammer/BC; Need some pointers
  92. Support-type abilities (and their lack of a concentrated skill)
  93. Hemorrhage?