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  1. International Guild Recruiting
  2. {Knights of The Holy Order}
  3. Asherons Legacy Now Recruiting!
  4. Porcine Theatre - Recruiting!
  5. Order of Mysteries - Light RP
  6. [RP] [Hardcore] The Lamplighters
  7. EST Static Dungeon Group
  8. Team Trumpwall is recruiting
  9. Animal-Only Guild
  10. Reminiscence
  11. LF Guild
  12. Looking for a guild
  13. The Vindicators looking for memebers
  14. Deutsche Community auf der Suche nach Zuwachs
  15. Illegitimus is recruiting
  16. A chan for specific unfullfilled-yet Gorgonites
  17. Getting game in few days on steam looking for guild with discord :)
  18. Worst Players Ever
  19. Any old UO guilds
  20. Would like to join a guild
  21. Newbie LF Guild - Mid-Size, Active, Solo & Group content
  22. Cairdeas
  23. Divinesmiter - LF Casaul to serious guild.
  24. BornBrawlers Recruiting
  25. Any wolf-only guilds out there?
  26. Order of Infinity Recruiting and Rules
  27. Mooglecake is recruiting!
  28. Cave of Four is recruiting!
  29. "Try Again" Casual Guild
  30. Guild index
  31. Long time MMO player LFGuild.
  32. Champions of the Crocodile, A new 20 player new and experienced player guild.
  33. The Legion of Bones
  34. Rowen Trading
  35. United States Based Guilds?
  36. LF some fellow explorers (GMT+1)
  37. Divine Prophecy
  38. "Wolf Pack" - Lycanthropes, Werewolves and Friends
  39. Looking for Guild
  40. west coast US. late night gamer with lots of mmo experience
  41. Serbule Hills Trading Company (SHiTCo) recruiting
  42. Band of the Red Hand
  43. Need leveling guild
  44. Need guild
  45. Looking for UK Guild
  46. (New)Active player searching for Friendly Guild! (EST)
  47. Newbie looking for Guild!
  48. am looking for a laid back guild^
  49. Looking for guild
  50. The Mushroom Army: A Decidedly Casual Guild
  51. Looking for Guild before starting PG
  52. New player looking for a midcore-ish guild
  53. New and LF guild. Group-oriented playstyle. Prefer support/tank roles
  54. Silent Skillers is recruiting
  55. Legion is recruiting
  56. New player looking for leveling guild (San Francisco, daytime mostly)
  57. Step Into The Garden; A Casual Chatty Guild
  58. Laidback Newbie LF a Guild!
  59. /X\(::,,::)/X\ Akhisa's Web is looking for members!
  60. Above is Recruiting
  61. Overweight, Excited, and Mildly Autistic: Join Us!
  62. The Dragon Moon Clan is accepting new members
  63. New Player looking for guild that has discord.
  64. New,to this game,looking for a Guild
  65. New Player - Relenta - Looking for Guild
  66. Looking for Mentors
  67. [Everyone] - Currently Recruiting.
  68. Looking For Guild
  69. Two New Players Looking for Casual Guild
  70. Phantasia open for recruiting.
  71. New Player Looking for guild.
  72. The Church of Zhia Lian
  73. Looking For Slight RP Friendly, Good Aligned Guild
  74. Illegitimus adding new playes
  75. Looking for GMT Guild
  76. New UK Player Looking for Guild
  77. New player looking for guild :)
  78. Two new players looking for RP guild
  79. Legion Recruitment